Imerys Technology Center Austria GmbH

In addition to R&D projects, scientist and technicians at Imerys Technology Center Austria GmbH work on international projects for other Imerys’ companies within the division  „High Resistance Minerals“ . Most R&D projects focus on the development of fused oxides.

Increasing demand for high quality raw materials as well as uncertainty of long term availability of natural minerals has led to an increased use of synthetic materials that are often produced by the fusion technology. One such example is fused alumina, which already has replaced natural corundum as an abrasive. Another good example for the use of synthetic materials is zirconia which is used in many important technical ceramic products, such as gas sensors in exhaust systems. Zirconia is mixed with other oxides and fused to blocks. Afterwards, it takes several steps to process it to fine ceramic powder.

Another important field of activity for Imerys Technology Center Austria is the development of products for special refractory applications such as foundry.

The international team of 30 scientist and technicians at Imerys Technology Center Austria has a well equipped pilot area with state-of-art fusing and processing equipment as well as a modern laboratory available to achieve their ambitious goals. For more information on Imerys please refer to our web pages at Imerys Fused Minerals Villach GmbH and Imerys.com.

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