Company Portrait

The KELAG Concern/Group is one of the leading enterprises in providing energy in Austria. The concern provides electricity, heat and natural gas. The enterprise was founded in 1923 and demonstrates extensive experience in the production, procurement, distribution, and selling of pipeline-bound/grid-bound energy.

Our enterprise is one of the top producers of hydro-electricity. The subsidiary KELAG Waerme GmbH is Austria’s market leader in the usage of bio energy and industrial waste heat. The subsidiary KELAG Netz GmbH administers the tasks of the distribution of electricity and gas within Carinthia.

Due to our business volume of approximately 1 billion EUR, employing 1.440 highly qualified employees, we are one of the leading enterprises in Carinthia.

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Value oriented strategy of growth

The KELAG Concern pursues a value oriented and innovative strategy of growth based on renewable energy in Austria and in foreign countries. The goals of climate protection of the European Union are integral and of utmost importance in our company’s policy. We invest our comprehensive know-how in the production of electricity by water power and the production of heat and ecological electricity by bio mass and other renewable sources of energy, and in the use of industrial waste heat.