TECHNIKON Forschungsgesellschaft mbH

TECHNIKON Forschungsgesellschaft mbH is a private independent Austrian firm with a highly specialized multinational team of 20+ engineers and scientists, which provides research and media services, and technology based consultancy to high-tech companies across Europe. We specialize in engineering research services, project management, and the development and distribution of technology oriented multimedia content. We work on hardware-software entangled security solutions, provide technical oriented documentation, roadmap development and funding optimization. Our multimedia products like animated videos, interviews, podcasts, websites and social media material are branded under our label EUVATION® (Spotlight on European Innovation). Our podcast series, EUVATION can be found on any major platform like Spotify, iTunes or Google. TECHNIKON has won several Austrian awards for social responsibility and has been the national representative of WiTEC -The European Association for Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics for almost 20 years.