Wirtschaft für Bildung

The association aims to support the implementation of measures of any type in order to promote LEARNING in the federal state of Carinthia.


Measures for promoting  learning in Carinthia are in particular:


a)    the awarding of grants to children, young people but also to adults for educational institutions/education measures of any type in the home country and abroad,

b)    the promotion of state and private schools and similar institutions such as miscellaneous educational establishments

c)    the promotion of education, training, further education, in particular for children and young people but also adults,                                     

d)    the promotion of nursery schools, after-school centres and equivalent organizations

e)    the miscellaneous promotion of learning, in particular of children and young people but also adults in the areas of science, humanities, social sciences and sports

f)     the organization and execution of events of any type.


These measures should serve to further the level of education in Carinthia and with it the promotion of trainees for the economy in Carinthia.