WKO Sparte Industrie

„Sparte Industrie“ is the representing body for all industrial companies in Carinthia. Altogether there are about 800 members. „Sparte Industrie“ is the first contact for all  issues specific to industry, and offers its members – with the backing of the Carinthian Chamber of Commerce - a comprehensive service, such as for example advice on wage agreement issues, labour legislation, commercial law, help on factory equipment approval procedure, foreign trade activities and much more.

„Sparte Industrie“ regularly briefs its members on subjects relevant to industry via an electronic newsletter. Furthermore, roadshows are held on specialist subjects, where experts are at the members’ disposal for information.

With ongoing PR on topics specific to industry and with lobbying on a federal and state level, „Sparte Industrie“ backs its members’ interests.

Further information: wko.