There are good opportunities to set an example. CIC members support people with a financial contribution.

CIC members turn out to be generous benefactors and supporters within various public events. Alone at the Language Brunch, which took place in autumn at Kraftwerk Forstsee, was it possible to collect enough money, which was destinated for a laptop for a student from Iraq. At the CIC office opening in Villach there was raised sufficient money to ensure necessary train tickets for the following months for a family from Syria. And within the Soirée Internationale, which the CIC organized in a leading position with María Piedad Guerrero Arjona, the net profit of the event could be handed on to associations (VOBIS, Mellon, Diakonie) which are involved in the refugee field. This attitude is origined by the endeavours to bring people with and without a migrant background together and contribute to an open society.