How to settle in Carinthia

On February 15, 2020, the ÖRF broadcast an informative report about the Carinthian International Center in the program Kärnten Heute (Carinthia Today).

The ORF article can be read in English below.

How to settle in Carinthia

As a place to work and live, Carinthia should be better known internationally – that is one goal of the new marketing location strategy. Supporting skilled employees from abroad who move to Carinthia and their lives here: that is what the Carinthian International Center has been doing for ten years as a service and point of contact for people who have settled in Carinthia.

On Wednesdays the Villach office of the Carinthian International Center the laughter of babies and children can always be heard. Parents from different countries meet here to chat, exchange views and to help each other. What they have in common is that they have all come to Carinthia because of their partners’ jobs, like the Russian Olga Bulhac. She says nobody wants to just sit at home. “We work a lot with Villach Stadt and invite experts to come and speak, for example a paediatrician or a representative of the traffic police. We can ask questions then pass the information on to others."

Help with administrative processes and looking for an apartment

Networking, providing information, helping with administrative processes and finding childcare - the employees of the Carinthian International Center take on all this for the skilled employees who have come here.

They also often help with the relocation from abroad to Carinthia, with the search for an apartment and the residence permit, says the Center’s chairman Roland Graf: “We give them contacts and try to integrate them as much as possible. Everything that’s necessary to bring people, but then to keep them here too – that’s our mission.

Support with looking for jobs for partners as well

Another area of focus is finding jobs for the partners who have also come. “Usually one partner has got a job with an industrial company or something. And more than 90 per cent of the accompanying partners have got a university degree. But they are not on any list, not even at the AMS. They are just here and nobody knows about them. Together with the companies we want to stop them from leaving again soon after because they’re unhappy.”

According to Graf, some companies are aware of this and would like to do something for the partners and invest in this: “They support their own employees, helping their partners through the Carinthian International Center to find a job.” The Carinthian International Center is financed by 37 industrial operations such as research and educational institutions. State hospitals have also recently been involved. 15 per cent of the employees of all these companies now come from other countries.

Skilled employees are called for in several areas

Graf considers that there is an urgent need for an influx of skilled workers from other countries, not only in tourism and industry but also in the healthcare sector. The Italian Chiara Fucilli is a doctor at the LKH Villach. Six years ago she moved with her family from Tuscany to Villach. The reason was her husband’s new job at Infineon – she wanted to carry on working but could not speak a word of German. Thanks to the support of Carinthian International Center, she managed to settle into her new home relatively quickly and find work.


The Carinthian International Center now also has an office in Klagenfurt and co-founded the International School in Velden.