The city of Villach shows great initiative towards young parents

As a young parent, you often face a great challenge, especially when the family environment is lacking. Olga Bulhac, originally from Russia, has lived in Villach with her husband and one-year-old daughter since 2009. Together with her daughter, she regularly meets with young, international mothers and their babies in the CIC office to exchange ideas in the group BabyChat.

“When Alissa was born, a lot of questions appeared. I was searching for answers in books and internet, then we organized BabyChat… We were discussing questions, but it is always useful to have a third opinion, especially the professional one." says Olga. The CIC picked up this great idea and decided to bring professional consultants to the group. In cooperation with the city of Villach the CIC started organizing lecture series with a variety of topics on parenting. The lecture series attracted even more young parents to BabyChat. “These Talks met my expectations and sometimes even more. I see new people…We have lively communication during these talks not just lecturing, and this is great!” says Olga enthusiastically. The lecture series include topics such as breastfeeding, vaccinations, the health system and youth protection law in Carinthia. Olga says, “Some of these talks arose more questions and it means that we will have more ideas whom to invite.” The lecture series is to be continued after the summer holidays. A big thank you to Olga and the Stadt Villach!

Photo: Olga Bulhac mit Tochter
Photo credits: Anastasiia Gudakova