Nomination for the TRIGOS Award Kärnten 2020



The CIC team is happy about the nomination of the project Job Service offered by the CIC Service GmbH for the TRIGOS Award Kärnten in the category "Vorbildliche Projekte (exemplary projects)": www.trigos.at/trigos/gewinner/texteprojekte/article 


The following companies are also nominated in this category: Maschinenring Service Kärnten and w&p Zement GmbH


Evaluation of the jury (excerpt): www.trigos.at/trigos/gewinner/texteprojekte/article/7489 

The company impresses with its internationality and cosmopolitanism. The noticeable customer orientation in this project stands out particularly positively for the jury.


What's next?

We will find out whether we also won the TRIGOS Kärnten Award 2020 at the TRIGOS Kärnten ceremony on August 25, 2020.