Cooperation Agreement CIC-ABA

Press release, 10.11.2021

In cooperation with the Austrian Business Agency (ABA), the Carinthian International Center is strengthening and deepening the range of services for local companies and international professionals in Carinthia.

The Carinthian International Center (CIC) has finalized a cooperation agreement with the ABA (Austrian Business Agency) and has deepened the expertise and network of the CIC on a national level.

Focus on Carinthian companies and international professionals

On 20th October, 2021, the cooperation agreement between the CIC and the ABA was signed by the managing directors Alexandra Truppe (CIC) and René Tritscher (ABA). For the CIC, this is an important step in order to carry on the established welcoming culture of the CIC on a national and international level and to present Carinthia as an attractive business location. Furthermore, additional services and expertise ensure an expanded range of services that bring added value to Carinthian companies and their international employees.

"An intensified cooperation between the CIC and the ABA will contribute to an increase in the regional and sustainable added value and competitiveness of the enterprises in Carinthia. We are very pleased that this cooperation will give the CIC an even stronger presence at national and international level," says Michael Marketz, Chairman of the Board of the CIC.

"For us, the cooperation with the CIC is an important step towards an even more intensive exchange and closer cooperation with Carinthia. The ABA also opens up new international venues for the CIC. By participating in joint events and trade fairs in our Central and Eastern European target markets, the CIC will also have the opportunity to present itself internationally and to extend networks," says ABA Managing Director René Tritscher.

The CIC is an important contact point and institution in Carinthia due to its activities such as the creation of spaces for networking and integration, a living culture of welcome, professional support and care for international professionals and their families/partners as well as expertise in the area of diversity and transculturality.

Alexandra Truppe sees the cooperation as a great advantage for local companies, but especially for international professionals who want to find a new home in Carinthia. "In addition to our already very comprehensive offer of support for international skilled workers, we can now expand this together with the ABA. For example, we are contributing our knowledge to a comprehensive reference guide on the subject of relocation in Carinthia and can in turn use this for our members and clients."

CIC on international stages and with ABA across Carinthia

In addition to an international online and offline presence, nationwide information events are also planned. The aim of these events is to invite international professionals in order to give them an insight into local companies. On the one hand, this will give companies the opportunity to get to know potential applicants. On the other hand, the international professionals will be able to familiarize themselves with the new environment, culture and work.

Expanded range of services for international professionals

The cooperation with the ABA ensures additional services that are particularly advantageous for companies and members of the CIC. For example, the ABA focuses on the processing of entry, residence and work permits. Above all, the cooperation is intended to provide easier access to relevant information. For example, international professionals can check their labour law situation for immigration or residence in Austria before entering Austria with an online self-check. Another major added value for companies and international professionals is an Austria-wide job portal in German and English, which will be linked to the CIC's online job service platform. There will also be additional platforms for networking, exchange and information sharing, such as with the Mobile Relocation App.

The CIC will continue to take care of the arrival of international professionals in Carinthia and support them with professional accompaniment to authorities such as the Public Employment Service, social insurance, the Chamber of Commerce, the tax office, etc. as well as individual support in recognition processes. To improve integration and networking among each other, the CIC organises networking events and "CIC Talks" on the Austrian social security system or health care, for example.

About the Austrian Business Agency

The Austrian Business Agency (ABA), a subsidiary of the Federal Ministry for Digitalisation and Economic Location (BMDW), makes Austria attractive to international companies, skilled workers and film producers. With its three business divisions INVEST in AUSTRIA, WORK in AUSTRIA and FILM in AUSTRIA, the ABA advises and supports international companies, skilled workers and film productions free of charge in all matters relating to Austria as a business, research and work location as well as Austria as a filming location. We simply make it easy. 

About the CIC

As the leading Destination and Dual Career Service Centre in Carinthia, the CIC provides its high-quality and reliable services to all foreign professionals residing in Carinthia. The integration of partners and family members is an indispensable part of the service package. Training and educational offers for international professionals and their families form an essential cornerstone in the CIC; investments in these offers are important impulses for the Carinthian economy and create or secure jobs.

Due to their market positioning, the highly specialised Carinthian companies have a certain demand for groups of employees and are thus in competition for the best employees in the EU and the world.

In order to be able to make Carinthia itself attractive, the CIC also offers a variety of networking formats. Local and international professionals get to know each other and, in so doing, see things from other perspectives. This results in friendships, mentor-mentee relationships and a social environment built on openness and trust.

Together with universities and research institutions, the CIC is constantly working to further optimize its core competencies in order to continue to perform its tasks as efficiently as possible in the future. Reliability and quality always come first.


Alexandra Truppe, MBA, CMC -  Alexandra.truppe@cic-network.at - 0664-9641345.