Conference "Welcome to Carinthia - and now what?"

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the CIC, the conference „Willkommen in Kärnten – und nun?“ took place on May 23rd 2019 from 13.00 to 18.00 at the University of Klagenfurt.

The reality check established what general conditions for international employees in science and industry could be improved. 
At the same time it was also about the question:
What challenges are there to overcome in the future?
What do people – both international and local – need to be positive, respectful and to want to stay in the area?
How can diversity awareness be invigorated in Carinthia?

The aim of the event was to determine pointers for improvements and to impart knowledge to the audience.

Different experts from all over Austria illuminated this topic at the conference „Willkommen in Kärnten – und nun“? With two talks and four smaller focus groups around the subject of general conditions for international people, new paths and strategies were outlined in order to achieve successful diversity and integration.

Among the expert were Erol Yildiz from Innsbruck University, employed in the area of critical research into migration. Lydia Rössl from the Danube University, Krems showed how regional, infrastructural and social frameworks can have a particular significance in the enduring integration of highly qualified immigrants. Marika Gruber, the migration expert at Carinthia’s technical college and Veronika Fehlinger from "Land der Menschen" Linz, focussed on the integration opportunities in Carinthia. A topical debate was provided by the experts Herwig Debriacher and Rainer Rainer of Ernst and Young, who went into great detail about attractive general conditions for expats. In addition there was a comparison of service institutions from Graz (CINT), the Welcome Center Bodensee Oberschwaben and the CIC for Carinthia.



Photo credits 1-12: (c) Karlheinz Fessl

Photo credits 13-14: A.M. Sturm