connecting us




This initiative was born during the "lockdown".

We would like to continue and cordially invite everyone to join

our #sharingtimeinitiative.


An initiative to get in touch and to stay in touch,

to share experiences and to connect.


Do you like to read to children? Do you make music? Do you write?

Are you passionate about baking or cooking? Are you learning a foreign language?

Do you do sports? Do you do yoga, pilates ...?


Whatever you do. . .

share your time and creative ideas with us!


There are 2 ways to send us the video.
• Please send it via Whatsapp to 0664 2520575 OR
use “Wetransfer” to send us the videos. https://wetransfer.com/ 
The email address for a video is: Isabel.Brugger@cic-network.at 

• The video should be no longer than 5 minutes
• Whatever language you want to speak in the video – do it
• If you like, you can also share it on Instagram and Facebook using the hashtag #sharingtime
• Please also send a short description of your activity / content of the video (via whatsapp or to Isabel.Brugger@cic-network.at)
• We'll put it on our youtube channel and website and share the positive vibes with other members.

Any questions, feel free to ask! We are looking forward to seeing your #sharingtime

Isabel und Giovanna