Summer Fun at Summerkids 2018

Every year, the CIC organizes an active and creative childcare program for children aged 6 - 12 years old. Each week of Summerkids has its own unique theme so children can explore the region and learn more about the world around them. Whether it is spending the day swimming in the lake or learning about technology at Infineon, the children are sure to have a great time. As a bonus, this unique program also takes advantage of the international community in Carinthia by employing German, English, Slovenian, and Italian native speakers to provide qualified care for the children. With so many opportunities, it is no wonder why children return year after year to participate. You can find MORE PHOTOS and FEEDBACK created by ALICE HERE.

Want to know what makes Summerkids so memorable? We interviewed some of the children at Summerkids to hear what they had to say.

It’s creative. 

     “I like everything! I like making t-shirts and getting my face painted.” - Federica age 7

     “I like making art and all of the craft materials.” - Lisa age 11

     “I have made a lot of things. I made a t-shirt and some cool stars. I like playing with clay.” - Matteo age 8

Our staff is awesome.

     “I like the staff and I like that they help me in the Werkraum. I also like the adventures!” - Katharina age 9

     “I like the people who work at Summerkids, there are so many nice people and we can make new friends.” - Sophia age 10

     “It is fun to play in the gym with the staff. They are fun to be around and play games with us.” - Wessam age 9

New memories and new friends.

     “It’s cool to meet people and make friends. It’s the best to be with my friends in the gym and play with them.” - Rafael age 10

     “I was thinking before I went to Summerkids that it would be all of the same kids as last year, but when I started Summerkids, I liked it. I made new friends and it’s fun.” - Diya age 9

Our excursions are interesting.

     “I liked when we had to search for the garnets at the Granatium.” - Katharina age 9

     “When it is really, really hot outside, I like that we get to play with the water hose. I also like swimming in the lakes, it's a lot of fun.” - Wessam age 9

     “I liked going swimming at the Silbersee. I like ice cream!” - Emma age 7

     “It’s fun and I like going to different funny places like to Sagamundo and to the lakes. It was the best when we went to the Granatium and found garnets. I also liked going to the Worthersee and riding the Octopus and when I got to jump in the water.” - Anna age 7

     “There are so many cool field trips. One of the best ones was when we went to the Tierpark. The baby goats were so cute.” - Sophia age 10

It’s all fun.

     “I like everything.” - Moritz age 8

As the 2018 Summerkids children explained, Summerkids is pure summer fun.

Summerkids takes place in August each year, Monday - Friday from 8am to 5pm. All Summerkids participants must be CIC members before registration. We hope you can join us for another year of memories at the next Summerkids.