Baby Aberjido

Infineon Technologies Austria AG, Villach

During the process of deciding whether to move to Villach or not, HR gave us information in English, including information from the CIC. I checked the CIC-website and there I found information about family, childcare, education, health care, tax-related things and so on. I had a question and then there was the answer. It was really very helpful to me to imagine how life in Austria would be and it played a big part in our decision making. I knew the CIC could be a big help for us in finding a way to deal with starting and establishing our family life in Austria. I didn't find any of it in the Netherlands, where we worked and lived before.

Especially during our first year here in Villach I frequently consulted with the CIC and I got assistance whenever I had questions: how do you buy a house? Where can I get a doctor who speaks English? Can you post information about masses in English? I was not very active with meeting other CIC members or joining CIC activities. I would love to, but the time is my problem: my husband and I are both full-time working parents of 3 young children who attend the local primary school and the IDC. My family situation just doesn't permit it at the moment. But I keep in touch with the website and I read the newsletters the CIC sends out. It's not just a connection. For me the CIC has become a family of our family. (Photo: Stefano Lunardi, Text: Birgit Stegbauer)