Cecilia Gori


I moved to Villach because of love and when you follow love, you can only win. That’s how it was for me! I had studied midwifery in Italy and worked as a midwife. For me, settling in a foreign country was on the one hand exciting, on the other frightening! I like my work and wanted to carry on with it, so I had to get my all qualifications recognized and learn the language.

Of course, at the start it wasn’t easy because finding the correct information was hard and I didn’t understand lots of the bureaucratic rules. The CIC really helped me with these chores and with preparing and obtaining paperwork, with coping with the most frequent problems and - last but not least – with not giving up hope . . . ;)

At the Networking Sessions I got to know German and Austrian people with whom I started a language swap to practise the language and get better. When I was on the right path everything happened relatively quickly: In 2016 I began to work as a self-employed midwife, in 2017 I got a contract for the Villach administrative district and I was also working in the delivery room of a hospital. In 2020 I have been working at the Carinthia technical college on the “Midwife” study programme and often have students on work placements with me.

Of course, the CIC also helped me to get to know new people and over time many of them have become friends or patients. For me this means that the CIC is not just important with careers but also on a human and personal level.