Chiara Fucilli

Landeskrankenhaus Villach

The CIC created favorable framework conditions that gave me, as an accompanying wife and mother, job prospects. I love my job as a doctor. I only wanted to move with my family to Villach, where my husband had a job offer, if there were job opportunities for me as well. That also required full-day child care for our two little children. Already during his first job interview, my husband learnt about the CIC. By the time of his second interview, for which I was invited to Villach, too, we set up a meeting with the CIC. We met Rosi Kopeinig, who, from then on, became my constant contact person and professional mentor.  

To begin with, the CIC helped us to get nursery places for the children at the International Daycare Center (IDC). Now I was free to concentrate on learning German, which I’ve always considered a key for my professional life in Villach, because in order to become legally registered in the Austrian Medical Chamber, I needed, amongst other things, certified German language skills at level B2. I took several intensive courses at the University of Klagenfurt and the CIC organized the perfect language swap partner for me: it was a retired doctor from whom I learnt not only German, but also a lot about the Austrian health system. Next, the CIC provided me with a work shadowing opportunity at a medical practice in Villach. The nostrification of my Italian diplomas was a lengthy and tedious process. I am very grateful that, with Rosi, I had a mentor on my side who supported me in every possible way. With success – only recently I started to work as a doctor at the Landeskrankenhaus in Villach. (Photo Stefano Lunardi | Interview Birgit Stegbauer)