Diana Zouppas

Holistic House
“The Carinthian International Center has been for me like a shining light at the end of a tunnel! I arrived in Klagenfurt 6 years ago after having lived only in big cities like Athens, New York and London. The size and cultural difference was incredible and starting a new life with a 2-year-old child in a place without friends and without speaking the language was a true challenge. The CIC provided me with all the support that I needed to discover my new surroundings, to learn German, to familiarize myself with all the legalities about tax, the medical and educational system in Austria, how to set up my own business…to name just a few…

In other words, the CIC helped me integrate into this new society. Through its wealth of information and networking events the CIC opened up for me enormous opportunities to meet like-minded people who eventually became my friends. Thank you to the CIC, I now feel that Klagenfurt is my home! I enjoy working and living here, I actively participate in the local cultural and traditional events and I am surrounded by a great network of International and Austrian friends and clients. As a ´thank you´ to the CIC, I have made it my personal mission through my voluntary participation in planning and organizing CIC events (like the annual Language Brunch and the Potluck) to “pay forward” the kindness, warmth and friendliness that was offered to me.” 

Link: holistichouse.at