Enrico Boaretto

CEO and Co-Founder of Klaxon Mobility GmbH (LINK), Arnoldstein

The CIC does a really huge, amazing job.

My experience and my family’s is quite different from most people’s because our decision to move to Villach was a private life decision - it was not connected to any business or company.

I don’t remember how we learnt about the CIC, but I remember only 3-4 days after we were here I contacted Rosalia. And I also remember a few days later, it was a day with 1m of snow, when Rosalia rung our doorbell and said “Hello, I am Rosalia.” Everything started from there.

Rosalia simply asked “OK. Give me a list of the things you want. How did you live before and what would you like to do now in this new city?” My wife Katia and I told her our specific needs: simple basic things to begin with, from where can I find this or that or how can I get the contract with the energy supplier to is there a chess club in Villach? The CIC provided us with contacts, phone numbers and suggestions.

When you live in another country, your point of view is completely different because you live outside your previously safe context. You become more cautious of the world around you. At the CIC Coffee Mornings we made new friends within Villach’s international community. They, too, came from outside and we all faced the same experiences and supported each other in adjusting to our new environment.

After the first 2-3 years you have roots again. You need less support from the CIC. You become autonomous and start to think of Austria as a second ‘Heimat’.

Villach is a beautiful place. A big part of the city development’s success depends on the CIC, because the CIC helps with the integration of the international people. In my opinion the CIC does a really huge, amazing job.

Author: Dr.in Birgit Stegbauer

Photo credits: (c) Raffaello Celebrin

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