Felicity Young-Kyung Lee

ISC (International School Carinthia), Velden

The CIC was recommended to me by my husband's employer while I was searching for a job. On the homepage of the CIC we found information about the networking sessions and we instantly decided to go to the next session. I met Rosi Kopeinig there, who included me in a theater project by “schau.Raeume”, as I am a trained musician. She helped me attain my first performance as a musician in Villach and acquire also two piano students. Through the recommendation of the CIC and others, the number of my students increased rapidly. I was very involved at the CIC until my first child was born. I had the feeling that someone at the CIC cared for me, even though they are not family.

With the children, my priorities changed, but I still have connections to the CIC, such as the International Day Care Center (IDC), which my two children attend, and the International School Carinthia (ISC), where I teach music. The ISC was not open yet when the CIC organized an ISC Information evening that interested me as a mom and music teacher. Thus, I sent a job application to the ISC. I was very fortunate, as I was able to offer piano lessons during afternoon activities in the first year. One year later, I got a part-time contract with the ISC as a music teacher. (Photo Stefano Lunardi | Interview with Birgit Stegbauer)