International School Carinthia (ISC)


In the 21st-century global marketplace, the next generation will have unprecedented opportunities, but to realize these opportunities, they will require a cosmopolitan skillset. International School Carinthia aspires to offer a dynamic educational experience for young people in grades 1-12 focused on 21st century approaches to learning, rigorous academic offerings and outcomes, international mindedness and intercultural understanding and character formation informed by Christian values. Each student will be empowered with a lifelong love of learning and a fervent desire to contribute positively to our world.

All of our 20 full and part-time staff working at ISC consider themselves "international" and they hail from 10 different countries. They will serve in and out of the classroom as both instructors and mentors for their students, helping them to develop intellectually, socially and emotionally during their educational journey. ISC parents will serve as partners in this process, and there will be consistent dialogue between home and school. Following a globally recognized international curriculum will also allow students to study anywhere in the world after their experience at International School Carinthia.

The CIC plays a critical advisory role as a member of the ISC board. We schedule networking events and mutually promote each other's organizations because our missions align so much. We also serve many of the same clients. In terms of membership, we want to help our employees and parents integrate as much as possible in Carinthian society and establish a social network outside of school to further their interests, talents and overall quality of life.

Website: www.isc.ac.at