Treibacher Industrie AG


Treibacher Industrie AG has been an international leading player in the chemistry and metallurgy sectors for decades. Headquartered in Althofen (Austria) and combining sites in Toronto (Canada), Ravne (Slovenia), Shanghai (China), and Tokyo (Japan) with a worldwide sales network, we satisfy global market needs in the areas of advanced ceramic materials, hard metals and energy storage, rare earths and chemicals, environmental catalysts and pharmaceutical chemicals and steel and foundry products.

Environmental issues and conserving resources are the most important resources in our company besides the people. Behind every success lies the experience and tireless commitment of our employees. The staff of about 700 at the Althofen headquarters includes 22 international employees from Germany, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Lithuania, Serbia, France, Ukraine, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Slovenia, Spain and Switzerland. The CIC offers our international staff assistance with hard facts e.g. concerning taxation and integration in a new social environment.