The Kärntner Berufsförderungsinstitut (bfi-Kärnten) was founded on October 11th 1961 to support people of all ages in their professional and personal development und thus enhance their chances on the job market. Today bfi-Kärnten is Carinthia’s biggest educational institute and presents itself as a modern non-profit organization with a comprehensive range of services, oriented towards the needs of the customers and the current demands of the job market.

The area of activity is very varied. Alongside classes for personal and private further education on apprentice training and individual in-house training courses, the staff members run various projects as well as training initiatives in the health and care sector.

At the moment there are seven educational centers where around 10,000 participants extend their knowledge each year, with an additional two virtual companies for training purposes, a training workshop plus three IT-L@Bs. 

Bfi-Kärnten employs about 250 employees. About 100 staff members work in administration  and the seven educational centers, taking care of course design as well as organizational matters, with approximately 150 employed trainers running courses.

Website: www.bfi-kaernten.at