Roland Graf

Kapsch BusinessCom AG, Klagenfurt

"The CIC informs, supports, networks, helps, sets up frameworks and creates a positive climate for encounters in Carinthia.

In this way the CIC connects international employees and their family members with our industrial companies and academic institutions and integrates them into our culture."

My commitment to the CIC began in 2011, when Kapsch BusinessCom, as a representative of all the enterprises of the Kapsch Group, became a member company of the CIC. To begin with I submitted suggestions on digitalization for the ISC and I was subsequently able to find sponsors for its initial technological equipment. In December 2013 I was elected chairman of the CIC by the general meeting.

Since then, driving forward the topic of intercultural understanding in Carinthia, establishing a culture of welcome through a positive climate for encounters and creating optimal frameworks for the integration of international experts have been matters which are particularly close to my heart. In this way, I, together with my colleagues from the board, am able to make a major contribution to the further development of Carinthia as an industrial location.

For that reason I was particularly pleased when the International School Carinthia (ISC), which was initiated by the CIC, was inaugurated and it was clear for all to see how much dedication and enthusiasm goes into supporting this institution. Another special moment during my time as chairman of the CIC was the fifth anniversary celebration in February 2015, both in terms of the large number of guests as well as of the diversity of cultures gathered in this hall. To know that the CIC is a linking element between these people, reminded me that our commitment, our dedication makes an important contribution to the well-being of these people here in Carinthia. For me personally, that was something very motivating.


Chairman Roland Graf gave a positive summary of the CIC and is now emphasising to make features on attractiveness and internationality for Carinthia with his CIC Team.

At the general assembly of the CIC in December, Roland Graf, Kapsch gave a positive summary of the last four years with all the acitvities as there are, more employees, a very lively office as room for encounter in Villach, and the growing number of individual members, at the moment 1.300. He presented a very positive balance e.g. more than 150 events with 3.500 attendees.  From the general assembly of the 35 company and institutional members, he was once again elected as Chair. Enhanced is the team by Alessandro Dazza (secretary), Imerys and Oliver Heinrich (treasurer), Infineon. Further members of the Board are Claudia Mischensky, Federation of Industry, Cristina Beretta, Universität Klagenfurt and Alexander Bouvier, Chamber of Commerce section industry and Treibacher Industrie AG.