Kapsch BusinessCom AG

The Kapsch Group, headquartered in Vienna, Austria, has more than 5,500 employees worldwide and is represented through subsidiaries, representative offices and financial interests on every continent. The development of the company since 1892 is marked by growth and success. And Kapsch is a success story made in Austria – a company which has nurtured innovative thinking and behaviour as important assets since its inception and continues to do so to the present day.

Even in the early years, Kapsch pursued the newest technological developments, recognizing societal trends and quickly responding with market-oriented technical innovation for the benefit of its customers. Televisions, radios and batteries by Kapsch were soon in great demand, and even today are remembered fondly.

Proximity to our customers, individual solutions and the high quality of our systems are traditional strengths that have made the Kapsch Group one of the market leaders in Road Traffic Telematics and Information and Communications Technology (ICT).

By focusing on Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) market and structuring the Kapsch Group in three autonomous business units, Kapsch TrafficCom AG, Kapsch CarrierCom AG and Kapsch BusinessCom AG, we have placed significant cornerstones for a successful future.

In Carinthia Kapsch BusinessCom has operated successfully with its own office for more than 50 years. With its own development site in Lakeside Park, Kapsch TrafficCom has also been active in Carinthia for more than 10 years.

The Kapsch Group has a staff of more than 70 employees in Carinthia, amongst these 7 international employees from the USA, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania and Switzerland.

Representing all the Kapsch business units that are active in Carinthia, Kapsch BusinessCom became a member of the CIC in 2011. The motive behind this was and remains the opportunity to play a part in developing Carinthia into a cosmopolitan and interesting location for international employees, in creating a positive culture of welcome (Welcome To Friends) and in developing and improving the overall conditions in order to entice international experts to come and stay in Carinthia. As for the benefits from the CIC membership: the Kapsch Group values the networking with other CIC member companies. Our employees have the opportunity to use the whole range of services offered by the CIC.