Sandra Wiesinger

Imerys Fused Minerals

As much as I am a proud Carinthian, I am also extremely proud of the CIC. Intercultural awareness enriches, it must be continually encouraged; it sends out a positive signal and opens up new opportunities for Carinthia. For this reason my commitment to the CIC was clear from its very launch. In 2009, my son participated in the first Summerkids program. At that time this was the only bilingual program for younger children in Carinthia I knew of. My daughter goes to the ISC - which was co-founded by the CIC - whose cosmopolitan approach is perfect for us as a family.  

Speaking of my job, as an HR person who works for a globally operating company, I daily face the diversity of cultures. Furthermore, I have gained personal experience abroad, when I spent almost three years in Asia with my family. As a result I know all about how difficult it can be at the beginning to engage yourself mentally in this adventure. It is not only professional experience that you gain, what is far more formative and enriching is the personal knowledge you acquire when you get the chance to work and live with different cultures. (Photo Stefano Lunardi | Interview Birgit Stegbauer)