Valentina Müller Frizza

Valentina Müller Frizza has written a children's book mixing mystery about the beloved Lindwurm and historical facts about the city of Klagenfurt, inspired in her own Italian family tree. The book is called ​''​D​er geheimnis​volle Zahn​ des Lindwurm​s​''​.

I spent my childhood and youth in a small town in Argentine Patagonia. Our professional careers took my husband and me to Finland, Spain, and Austria, arriving in Klagenfurt in 2014. We immediately fell in love with the city and its history, which inspired me to write Lucio and Ramiro's adventures during weekend trips with the family.

We decided to move here because Austria is a beautiful country full of opportunities. Still, honestly, we didn't know much about its culture at that time. It was through the CIC that I started to see the country. The first person that I met was Rosi. First, I attended every networking meeting where I met most of my best friends. Friends are essential in everyday life, at least for me.

I was also in a CIC kids’ program. We had a WhatsApp group with all the parent members of the CIC in order to organize activities for adults and our kids. I collaborated as a volunteer with Aniela, Maria Piedad und Beate. I strongly recommend everybody to join the CIC. It is not only for foreigners and those who emigrated and have come back. It is for everyone.

Eventually, as my little kid got bigger, I was ready to get back to my career. My main barrier was the language, not the credentials or the work experience. I took as many German courses as I could, and I am now Managing Director of Weltladen Klagenfurt, where I know I can positively impact society.

The motivation to write my book is also impact-oriented. I try to appeal to a young audience and share my love for the city of Klagenfurt with my illustrations and stories. My hope is to contribute to keeping the beautiful tale of Kärnten alive in our children. As you can imagine, the characters are inspired in my family and incorporate my roots in the north of Italy.

The book can be purchased at https://klagenfurtkinderbuch.com/