The CIC Service GmbH was founded in December 2017.

This entity supports the soft factors within the development in industry, research and science in Carinthia through the following offers:






We are by your side while you look for work as partners of internationally employed colleagues in the context of dual career services. All levels of service are offered in English, German and Italian. In line with CIC membership a member discount across-the-board is guaranteed, with more than 10% off all services offered.


Advice and guidance on the  initial interview and skill acquisition, a CV and cover letter check (motivational writing), preparation for interviews, decision-making, the development of a career Plan B, identifying all opportunities in the field of personal job hunting etc.

We take you to authorities such as the Job Market Service, national insurance, the Chamber of Commerce, Revenue and Customs etc. as well as individual support with the acknowledgement process.

Workshop participation: CV, cover letter, self-reliance, presentation techniques, business plan, skill analysis, career picture etc.

Making the most of CIC networking events and CIC talks about taxes in Austria, the national insurance system, healthcare etc.

Using the Online Jobservice Plattform and creating your personal career picture.



Enquiries and suggestions to: service@cic-network.at





Looking after people coming to the CIC for the first time / potential members and their families.

Multilingual exclusive care, where we forge a connection with your native language and match the care to your individual needs when you last contacted us and in consultation with your company.

A 2-day looking after you trip includes consultation with your company’s specialist department, hotel booking if required, picking you up, tours around Carinthia and “Dreiländereck” on the border with Italy and Slovenia. Looking round the region and what it offers in previous consultation with the customer.
A visit to the CIC and acquainting oneself with the network and services such as job-hunting for a partner.
A visit to the international nursery and /or public nurseries.
A visit to the International School Carinthia – ISC – and/or state schools.
Apartment viewings.
Initial information about life in Carinthia and Austria.
The handling of all necessary formalities and services if required.

Enquiries and suggestions to: service@cic-network.at



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Red-White-Red Card, Residence Title for Specific Purposes and work permit, registration for EU citizens

-Making contact before you enter the country
-Investigation into and examination of the declaration of the correct permit and entry documents
-Obtaining all documents for the application of the residence and work permits
-Help with filling in forms
-Bringing in an application and collection of documents/information to the appropriate authorities accompanied by a skilled employee
-Coordinating an appointment for picking up information
-Getting picked up from the hotel or company
-The extension of a residence title (red-white-red card, EU blue card, etc.)

Looking for an apartment - "housing"
-Gathering all relevant information to compile a catalogue of apartments
-Market research on suitable properties as well as forwarding a shortlist to the customers
-Co-ordination of housing topics and organizing a viewing session
-Accompanied viewing sessions in compliance with the customer’s shortlist
-Examination of rent proposal and rental contract
-Picking up the signed certificate of residency from the landlady/landlord
-Help with signing the contract.

-Moving the family
-Help with applying for childcare benefit
-Help with looking for a suitable school or nursery
-Help with applying for national insurance for family members with the obligatory health fund
-Reserving an appartment, information about the journey to the appartment or company, replies to general questions about what’s available in the area
-Reading meters (electricity, gas, water, heating) and notifying the providers of the change of name
-Registering with public utilities: gas, electricity, internet, TV, home insurance, TV licence authority
-Help with the re-issuing of a driving license or on the practical examination for a driving license for nationals in countries whose driving licenses are not admissible in Austria

Welcome information regarding your new home, for example, general questions about what’s available in the area: GPs, where to go shopping, mobile phone operators and bus routes.

Provision of language courses and childcare, schools, leisure activities, sport.

Reminder service: getting an email message on the due date, about who to contact if a permit needs to be extended.

Support and advice about giving notice on a rental contract
-Organization of refurbishment work and/or interior repairs, as necessary
-All cancellations or notifications of change of name with regard to public utilities: TV, radio, telephone, internet, home insurance, TV license, etc.
-Signing off with statutory authorities (registry office)
-Information about a post-forwarding service and closing a bank account.
-Circumstances governing the refund of your deposit.

Enquiries and suggestions to: service@cic-network.at



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ENGLISH AS A TOOL - for apprentices!

The CIC initiated this unique training programme in collaboration with “Land Kärnten”. With “English as a Tool” language learning goes from the schoolbench to the workbench. English native speakers who are international language trainers go directly into the company training centre and speak to the apprentices exclusively in the English language.

They practice specific technical vocabulary and remove the dread of the foreign language.Foreign languages are becoming increasingly important and represent an important part of the specialized staff training. It is mainly international companies based in Carinthia that communicate in English, the group language. With subject-specific English training, the CIC provides participants with a head start with the ‘English as a Tool’ programme.

What the CIC offers:
-The ‘English as a Tool’ programme can achieve great results without much commitment
-the face-to-face interaction that is practised exclusively in the English language brings an additional benefit to English language proficiency.
-The allocation of English-speaking language trainers (native speakers).
-“Land Kärnten” subsidizes this training tool by 50% (to a maximum of €2,600) of the employee advancement pot. The same amount is borne by the operator of the apprenticeship workshops.

-A time frame extends over eight weeks (with 72 teaching units altogether) with two visits or training sessions a week.

Enquiries and suggestions to service@cic-network.at




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