In these trips we look after people coming to the CIC for the first time - potential members and their families.

We offer multilingual exclusive care. We forge a connection with your native language and match the care to the individual needs you gave when you contacted us and in consultation with your company.

A 2-day looking-after-you trip includes consultation with your company’s specialist department, hotel booking if required, picking you up and tours around Carinthia and “Dreiländereck” on the border with Italy and Slovenia. This is a look round the region and what it offers with regard to the information supplied in the consultation with the customer. Other features are as follows.

A visit to the CIC and acquainting oneself with the network and services such as job-hunting for a partner.
A visit to the international nursery and /or public nurseries.
A visit to the International School Carinthia – ISC – and/or state schools.
Apartment viewings.
Initial information about life in Carinthia and Austria.
The handling of all necessary formalities and services if required.

Enquiries and suggestions to: service@cic-network.at