Red-White-Red Card, Residence Title for Specific Purposes and work permit, registration for EU citizens

-Making contact before you enter the country
-Investigation into and examination of the declaration of the correct permit and entry documents
-Obtaining all documents for the application of the residence and work permits
-Help with filling in forms
-Bringing in an application and collection of documents/information to the appropriate authorities accompanied by a skilled employee
-Coordinating an appointment for picking up information
-Getting picked up from the hotel or company
-The extension of a residence title (red-white-red card, EU blue card, etc.)

Looking for an apartment - "housing"
-Gathering all relevant information to compile a catalogue of apartments
-Market research on suitable properties as well as forwarding a shortlist to the customers
-Co-ordination of housing topics and organizing a viewing session
-Accompanied viewing sessions in compliance with the customer’s shortlist
-Examination of rent proposal and rental contract
-Picking up the signed certificate of residency from the landlady/landlord
-Help with signing the contract.

-Moving the family
-Help with applying for childcare benefit
-Help with looking for a suitable school or nursery
-Help with applying for national insurance for family members with the obligatory health fund
-Reserving an appartment, information about the journey to the appartment or company, replies to general questions about what’s available in the area
-Reading meters (electricity, gas, water, heating) and notifying the providers of the change of name
-Registering with public utilities: gas, electricity, internet, TV, home insurance, TV licence authority
-Help with the re-issuing of a driving license or on the practical examination for a driving license for nationals in countries whose driving licenses are not admissible in Austria

Welcome information regarding your new home, for example, general questions about what’s available in the area: GPs, where to go shopping, mobile phone operators and bus routes.

Provision of language courses and childcare, schools, leisure activities, sport.

Reminder service: getting an email message on the due date, about who to contact if a permit needs to be extended.

Support and advice about giving notice on a rental contract
-Organization of refurbishment work and/or interior repairs, as necessary
-All cancellations or notifications of change of name with regard to public utilities: TV, radio, telephone, internet, home insurance, TV license, etc.
-Signing off with statutory authorities (registry office)
-Information about a post-forwarding service and closing a bank account.
-Circumstances governing the refund of your deposit.

Enquiries and suggestions to: service@cic-network.at