Easy language learning with uugot.it

uugot.it (you you got it)


  • promotes the conveyance of information and reporting with local relevance and at the same time tries to establish a first connection to Austrian media.
  • translates TV programs with a click, making learning languages easy and entertaining.
  • wants to build a bridge to the colloquial language and dialectal varieties of German and thereby improves language skills, especially listening comprehension.
  • promotes faster integration.
  • the concept is based on a study by the University of Vienna on subtitles as a language learning tool.

Thanks to sponsors, the basic version uugot.it TV is free for private users.

Vom Bundesministerium für Europa, Integration und Äußeres Österreichisches Außenministerium gefördert und empfohlen.


Website: www.uugot.it 

PDF: impact report_uugot.it_2019.pdf 

Facebook: facebook.com/uugot.it