Russian school in Carinthia is waiting for new pupils!

The Russian school was organized by Russian Cultural Association “Carinthia” in 2008. Since that time, its doors are always open.

“Our school is a place of positiveness, confidence and success”, Ella Hraschan, a chairlady of Russian Cultural Association, says. “Our goal is not only maintaining of Russian language and traditions abroad, but also their development here”.

The teachers of the school use productive methods of teaching Russian language and literature that allows children easily to speak and read Russian, in addition to the national language.

All people who want their children to learn Russian can join it. Today, there are four groups: "Russian as the second native language", "Russian for young children", "Decorative art", "Theater".

The lessons are held in the form of the game and appropriate for children from 2 to 18 years.

Place: Ludwig-Walter Strasse 29, 9500 Villach

Neckheimgasse 6 / corner Universitätstrasse, 9020 Klagenfurt

More information you can find here: www.russcarinthia.at