ISC and IDC awarded the MINT seal of quality

The MINT seal of quality has been awardedby the Federal Minister Professor Dr. Heinz Faßmann

We have managed to qualify for the MINT seal of quality in the International Daycare Center nursery on our very first attempt.

The MINT seal of quality was first announced at the end of 2016 in cooperation with the Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Development, Federation of Industries, Knowledge Factory Austria and the Teacher Training College of Vienna. It represents a nationwide-valid certification of quality for ground-breaking learning in mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology with multifaceted approaches for girls and boys.

120 schools - and for the first time in 2018 nurseries too - have taken part in the competition. The submissions were examined by a panel of experts.

The awarding of the nursery and International Daycare Center with the MINT seal of quality is a great recognition of the now five-year-old work of the educational team of the IDC and its manager Nicole Zeilhofer. They have implemented the educational plan of a focus on science in the nursery, have scrutinized it again and again and involved and then re-matched external professionals. The basic principle is exploring life, a joint learning process of children and educators. In a hands-on way the children’s natural interest is aroused: to observe and challenge natural phenomena, technology and the universal laws of life that they experience around them. The educators support the children’s curiosity so that they can benefit from a lifelong pleasure of learning.

The tremendous thirst for knowledge and enthusiasm, the impartiality and naturalness with which girls and boys approach scientific occurrences show what great scientific and technical learning capacities already exist in early life. They are simply waiting to be fostered and encouraged in ways suitable for children.

In the group things are confidently tried out, exchanged and compared. If an attempt is not successful straight away, undaunted, we search for solutions together in a very creative way. We see this as an important building block for social learning and discerning failure management.

Now we are ALL absolutely overjoyed about the great recognition and the appreciation of our elementary educational activities.

On April 24th the MINT seal of quality is being awarded to us. Then we are allowed to use it as a digital logo on our website and put it as a plaque on our IDC building for three years.

Many thanks to everybody who has supported us in this achievement with such dedication, especially to our cooperating partner Infineon Technologies Austria. ( Sophie Nelhiebel, Geschäftsführung www.sonnenstrahl.co.at)

Auch James Brightman ist mit der ISC mit dem MINT-GÜTESIEGEL ausgezeichnet worden und berichtet: "Kathy Goetzke and Jennifer Navarre represented ISC at the MINT Gütesiegel Awards Ceremony on Tuesday (see below).  They were part of the 5-member team that made the application for this recognition.  If you click on the link below, you can see that ISC is now on the MINT map, and we can now use the MINT logo on our website and advertising.  We are proud to be recognized as a school exhibiting best practices in this area.  Thank you for your support in helping us reach this point."