Student Leadership at the International School Carinthia


There are many qualities that make a good leader - someone who is collaborative, enthusiastic, and an effective communicator. At the International School Carinthia (ISC), students have the opportunity to experience leadership firsthand with the ISC Student Council. Through this student leadership opportunity, ISC students are able to develop into effective future leaders. To better understand the experience of student leadership at ISC, student speaker Vinzenz Sintschnig was interviewed about his experience.


Meet Vinzenz Sintschnig, Vice President of the ISC Student Council.

First of all, it is an honor to be interviewed by the Carinthian International Club, I am happy to talk about my education and represent ISC as its Vice President of the Student Council. My name is Vinzenz Sintschnig, I am 15 years old and I attend the MYP 4 class (the 9th and oldest grade) of ISC. During the school year, I take part in a program called World Scholars Cup. This program is an international academic program focused on today’s relevant themes, that literally takes place all over the world. Just last year I was able to go to Ljubljana, Barcelona and New Haven (Yale University).


What do you like best about ISC?

What I really enjoy about ISC is its internationality. There are hundreds of students in our school, many of them coming from different countries. At ISC, we learn about unique cultures and other student’s backgrounds. Additionally, I really enjoy Mr.Brightman’s leadership of the school. He tries to teach us about more than just school work and provides valuable real-life lessons. Mr. Brightman asks for respect from students and also gives equal respect back to students. For example, he tries to ask students questions about logistics and listens to their constructive feedback and then actually changes some of these things. All in all, ISC is a great learning community to be in!


What makes ISC unique?


Teachers take time for each student and try to help them with their academic needs. If someone in the class doesn't understand one specific thing he/she can always approach the teacher and ask for help. At ISC we do many long-term projects such as different assessments, investigations, and pattern investigations. It is not like an exam where you have to know everything on one day and on the other day it is not relevant anymore. Therefore, we gain much more knowledge about our school work.


Why did you decide to run for the position of Vice President?


Due to my age and being a part of the oldest class I wanted to take on responsibility. I believe that I have a very strong connection to the students and teachers, this means I can appropriately represent both sides. Many friends, family members, teachers and colleagues recommended that I run for Vice President because they believe I am very communicative and open-minded.


What are the responsibilities of your role?


One responsibility of my role is to be a role model for ISC. Since I am a leader, students are more likely to follow my behavior, so I have to act appropriately. I have to meet with the other student council members and Mr.Brightman two times a week. I also meet once a month with the PYP class representatives and once a month with the MYP class representatives. We also try to meet with the parent representatives once every semester and get their feedback on certain events. We, the student council, also want to do extra work. For instance, we run all the MYP Assemblies and come up with different plans for them. I also have extra responsibilities for some of the events, such as running the friendship pictures at Photo Day and ensuring that everything works out. That’s why I decided to run for this position. These responsibilities are not forced on me I enjoy working on these things!


Is there anything you hope to accomplish during your term as Vice President?


During my term, I want to motivate as many students as possible to do action and service in their school and the local community. I want the ISC students to give something back to their communities. Another goal is to make ISC branded T-shirts. Students can wear them whenever they want and be proud that they are a part of ISC. Additionally, this T-shirt could be worn to events where ISC students represent ISC at other places, for example, academic or sports events.


(Interview with Chelsea Navarro)