The Austrian School System

Children have their sixth birthday before entering compulsory schooling on the following September 1st. Compulsory school in Austria lasts for nine years. School timetables do not cater for full-day education. Afternoon care is dealt with separately and parents have to register their children for them to get one of the available places. 

The different types of schools in the Austrian Education system are:

  • Primary schools: Grundschulen/ Volksschulen (year 1 to year 4)
  • New Secondary schools (Level 1): Neue Mittelschule (year 5 to year 8)
  • Special schools (for children with special needs): Sonderschulen (year 1 to year 8)
  • Polytechnical schools (year 9)
  • Secondary schools (Level 1 and 2): Allgemeinbildende höhere Schulen: Unterstufe (year 5 to 8) and Oberstufe (year 9 to 12)
  • Secondary schools that include vocational training: Berufsbildende mittlere Schulen (year 9 to year 12), (Sekundarstufe 2)
  • Higher secondary schools that include vocational training: Berufsbildende höhere Schulen (year 9 to year 13)
  • Educational institutions for the professions of child-minding and social pedagogy: Bildungsanstalten für Kindergarten bzw. Sozialpädagogik (year 9 to year 13)
  • Schools to accompany professional apprenticeship: Berufsschulen (from year 9 - duration depends upon chosen apprenticeship)

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In general, your child will be assigned to attend the primary schools located in your residential area. Exceptions are made within the town of Villach, yet only based on an application to either the city's school counsel or the school itself to change school.

Registration for secondary school is to be done with the transcript/ certificate of a completed year 3 and the first semester of year 4. It is generally done in February in the last year of primary school, before the change to a secondary school takes place.