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Hello, my name is Alice Wang and I am 15 years old. My family moved from Singapore to Austria six years ago. The reason I decided to volunteer for the CIC Summerkids was, because I thought it would be a great experience and I love working with kids, also because I love taking photos (and selfies).



Hi, my name is Nicole Kretz and I am fourteen years old. Almost seven years ago, my family and I moved from California to Austria. I volunteered for this job at CIC Summerkids, because I love working with kids and was really eager to do so in my native language.

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Week 4 - "Explorer"

Week 4 – the grand finale! This week was titled “Explorer”, which certainly suits it. It started out with a huge city rally, ending at the Relief of Carinthia. The kids could also carry out some experiments using baking soda, vinegar, balloon, straws, string and a glass bottle. The other four days included a trip to the “Gnadenhof”, a farm for abused animals, where they had everything from pigs to donkeys. The kids also spent a day each on Dobratsch, where they could either hike to the top, or explore the area at the bottom and the “Haus des Staunens”, a museum full of hands-on scientific wonders,  The week ended with a trip to the army base and the last end-of-week party, this time held at VS Auen, where fun games like “Pirate” were played in the gym.

Week 3 - "Adventure"

The third week started off creatively with stilt-building, which were also painted and decorated during the week. To cool off in the afternoon, we went for a dip in the river Gail. The kids also spent a day on Dobratsch and those who wanted could try to hike up to the top. The others had fun exploring the area, looking for animals, or playing on the playground. We also biked to Silbersee and spent a day there, swimming in the cool water. The last day of the week was spent at the military base with the soldiers, before leaving for Mittewald, for the End-of-the-week-party. In Mittewald, the kids could build forts with natural materials, get their face painted, or run through the sprinkler. During the week, we also had the chance to celebrate Nadine's and Sofia's Birthdays! 

Week 2 - "Olympia"

In the second week of the summerkids camp, the kids could have fun completing different Olympic challenges by the river Gail - like a competition of building the highest tower only with natural materials, have an inside-view of their backpacks using the airport X-ray machine, and even sit in a real helicopter! To cool down, an afternoon was spent by swimming in the Wörthersee. The children could also visit Minimundus to see miniature version of famous buildings or spend time in the Happ Reptile Zoo, where various endangered or poisonous reptiles were located. The kids also got a chance to decorate cupcakes with chocolate frosting and different types of sprinkles. The bad weather on Thursday and Friday didn’t stop the kids to be creative and having fun in the school’s creative room, gym and the military base in Obere Vellach, and those who wanted could enjoy bouldering in the indoor Boulderbox in St. Martin. 

Week 1 - "Outdoor-Challenge"

On Monday, the kids were put into 3 groups and spent most of the time outside by the river Gail solving 3 challenges that seemed easier than they actually were. The kids could then start making bows out of hazelnut branches. After all the hard work, everyone was rewarded with a lunch break at Infineon and a refreshing dip in the cool Gail, before returning to the school.


On Tuesday the kids were brought to Tierpark Rosegg, where they could see all kinds of animals, from kangaroos to lynxes to guinea pigs. Once they had made it to the top of the hill, they got to climb on some ruins. Back at ground level, everyone (kids and supervisors alike) had to find their way through a maze. At the school they were also allowed to run through the garden hose and everyone got an ice cream.


On Wednesday everyone scootered or biked to Silbersee, a lake about 6 km away from the school. Once there, the kids played Frisbee, swam in the lake, played piggy in the middle (also in the lake) and jumped off of the docks. After everyone had cooled off, we biked back to the school, where once again the kids could relax, read or continue working on their bows and arrows.


Thursday was spent at a ropes course near Faakersee. Everyone got the chance to zip line, climb ladders, balance on wooden beams and a whole lot more, all while being clipped in to trees way above the ground! Then we returned to the school where the kids could enjoy the usual afternoon activities before being picked up.


Friday, the great finale! We started out at a military base, where the kids were allowed to operate an excavator (with the help of a soldier), hitch a ride in a cross-country vehicle and get lifted up 20 metres in a Manitou vehicle. They could also use special camouflage colours to paint themselves and others. Next, we left for Mittewald, where the kids could learn karate, shoot their finished bow and arrows, get their faces painted and do other fun sports. After a lunch of pizza, the children's parents arrived and the kids could show them what they had done during the week.