Registration of Vehicles, NoVA

If you have your principal residence in Austria, you may use a motor vehicle or a trailer with foreign number plates in Austria for one month. The one-month period starts with the importation of the vehicle into Austria.


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Failure to comply with the regulations concerning driving with foreign number plates can result in high administrative and financial penalties (please follow the link).

After registration you will be obliged to pay the NoVA (standard fuel consumption tax), the NOVA is a tax which is depending on the consumption or engine size (motorcycle) as a percentage of the value of a vehicle.


NOVA has to be paid


  • for new vehicles or motorcycles (will be done by the shop)
  • or if a vehicle is registered for the first time in Austria
  • if new or used vehicles are imported to Austria and registered hier
  • if vehicles are relocated and registered for the first time in Austria


If you have relocated and registered your vehicle (old or new one)  you will have to calculate your NoVA and pay dues to the finance authority. Please use form "NoVa 2". If you need help please get in contact with the Finanzamt Villach, Mr. Grüner, P:04242 207 535 930, who speaks English.


Sources: ÖAMTC, help.gv.at bmf.gv.at, (German only)



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July 2012