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Carinthia's international airport is located in Klagenfurt-Annabichl.
Other nearby airports includes Graz u. Salzburg; Ljubljana-Slovenia; Marco Polo Venetia, Venetia Treviso, Ronchi – Italy; All of them within 2 hours reach.

Other airports in Austria include Wien-Schwechat in Vienna, as well as smaller ones located on the outskirts of Innsbruck and Linz.




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The central train station in Villach hosts the most important junction on the southern line between Vienna and Italy (via Arnoldstein), the north-eastern Tauernbahn connection between Salzburg and East and South Tyrol (via Spittal an der Drau) and the Karawankenbahn to Slovenia (via Rosenbach).

There are interesting offers for families and who travel by train often with the Vorteilscard.


Car and Road traffic


Driving Motor Vehicles in Austria/regulations (click the link please).


Motorways also cover similar routes. The A2 runs from Vienna via Graz to Villach and Italy. The A10 (Tauernautobahn) connects Salzburg and Villach via the Katschbergtunnel (5439m) and the A11 extends this way to Slovenia (Karawankentunnel, 7864m). The connection between Klagenfurt and Slovenia crosses the Loiblpass (1367m altitude).

Further important mountain passes in Carinthia include the Großglockner-Hochalpenstraße and the Nockalmstraße.



Liability insurance with a motor insurance company is compulsory if you own a vehicle. A registration plate will only be issued after the vehicle has been insured.


Child car seats

Children have to be seated and fastened in a child car seat fit for their age and size.


High Visibility Jackets in Street Traffic

Drivers of multitrack vehicles have to, at all times, carry a high visibility jacket (red, orange or yellow) in their vehicle. In addition to this, vehicles are to be equipped with a first aid kit and a breakdown triangle. High visibility jackets are to be put on in case you exit your vehicle on motorways, country roads, or Freilandstrassen in case you have to put up a breakdown triangle. They are also to be worn on streets and junctions with poor visibility, when bad weather reduces visibility and during twilight and night.


Light in Street Traffic

You can switch on your vehicle's lights during the day, but it is not compulsory.


Road tax for Motorways: Autobahnvignette

To be eligible to drive on motorways you have to buy an Autobahnvignette. You can get them at petrol stations and in tobacconists.


Mobile Telephones

While driving, mobile phones can only be used with a hands-free car kit.


Speed limit

Country road (Landstrasse) 100km/h, Motorways (Autobahn) 130 km/h, towns and villages 50 km/h, and Freilandstrassen 100km/h.


Drink Driving

Prescribed limit of alcohol is 0,5 Promille.



The bicycle route network is well developed; Cycle paths exit along the Drau/Gail and around lakes.