Dialling an Austrian number from abroad:
Country code (+43) + Area code (without '0') + Telephone number

Dialling within Austria:
Area code (with '0') + Telephone number

Fixed Network Connection

To obtain a new fixed network connection you can either make a request via the Telecom website or go directly to a Telecom Austria Shop. The latter are often found within post offices. Most of the flats already have a connection, but in any case, it would need to be activated.

When you order a connection you should decide what you want to use the line for. There are several options available to optimise call costs.

When choosing your provider you will have to make decisions about the different components that you want to include in your phone-bill and there are many different options to choose from. (See below) Before making your choice you should thus consider questions such as: What is your most common call-destination? What are the terms and conditions of line cancellations?

Call by Call (Provider selection)
You may choose an alternative provider who you will use to make certain calls. These are known as call-by-call providers who will issue you with a code/ number to dial before you dial your destination number. This number will divert charges of these phone calls to the alternative provider.

Carrier Preselection (Provider Pre-selection)
In case you decide to manage your phone calls via Carrier Preselection, all of your calls will be automatically effected via this alternative provider. The code that diverts your call will be programmed for all your calls.

Direct Network Connection/ Unbundling of Connection-line

In this case an alternative provider (or Internet provider) rents the line within Telecom Austria?s network system. Next to this other direct connections (e.g. via Cable-network providers) can also be set.

Choosing an identification code for connection to an alternative network provider (Call by Call) or Carrier Preselection is currently neither possible for direct connections, nor for unbound connections.

Calling Cards
Calling Cards have good rates for international calls or in case you call from hotels or Telephone boxes. Here you first have to dial the phone number mentioned on the card, before making your phone call.  Depending on the card, it is possible that there is a cost of calling this phone number, although in general it should be for free. Some of these calling cards can also be used on mobile phones.

Introduction of a Discount-number
To make use of such number you just have to introduce the number before dialling your destination number. Disadvantage: Costs are incurred even if the destination number cannot be reached. This service is available for fixed lines as well as for mobile telephones.

Certain Internet applications (e.g. via Void or Skype) represent another alternative opportunity to manage your phone calls.

Mobile Cell Phone Providers

Mobile telephones: GSM-mobiles can be brought into Austria and can also be used here. There are GSM networks on 900 MHz and 1800 MHz frequencies.

Current providers for mobile phone connections in Austria are A1, Bob, Drei, Orange (used to be 'One'), T-Mobile, Tele2, Telering and Yesss! (Last updated, January 2010).

Calls made from Telecom Austria's telephone boxes are either paid for with coins or special phone cards available in post offices and tobacconists. The rate for calls within Austria is frozen and does not change depending on time or destination (1 zone).


Mobile network providers also offer fixed and mobile Internet connections.