Summerkids 2020: „Dance of the Elements”

Due to the current situation, Summerkids are expected to take place in small groups this year. We'll keep you up to date.
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Summer makes us sweat and brings us elements that make us want to dance! For Summerkids 2020 is the year of the elements and every week we’ll learn about one of them from different perspectives. In science, technology, nature and art we’ll look at and use the elements in different ways. How exactly? We’ll only find out by moving about and dancing! Let’s go!

Week 1 – Wood         3.08 – 07.08.2020

How can a tree tell us how old it is? Can it talk? What can we make out of wood and what living things find food in wood or even a home? We’ll find experts who can answer our questions and then of course we’ll work with wood ourselves.

Week 2 – Water         10.08 – 14.08.2020

Water is more than just wet. To see it and feel everything that this element can do, we sometimes need technical resources and other times the courage to dive into cold water. How much have we got in inside us and why is it so important for our body? Why can we swim, although we’re so heavy? Let’s take the plunge and find out!

Week 3 – Earth          17.08 – 21.08.2020

The ground under our feet is full of surprises. It doesn’t just give us stability but confronts us in different colours and forms. In Week 3 we’ll hike on the earth, jump and dance, look at plants growing in it and together discover who or what is living on and in it.

Week 4 – Fire            24.08 – 28.08.2020

Make fire without a lighter? Yes, we will! But it will only work with the support of other elements. When we’ve done it, we’ll celebrate around a campfire and of course use the element of heat to grill some treats as well. We will also get to know some interesting people who work with fire every day and know about its dangers as well as its loveliness.

Week 5 – Metal          31.08 – 4.09.2020

We deal with metal every day and there are even tiny amounts in our bodies! Including gold, that’s so valuable, isn’t it? What us human beings make from metals, how they help or bother us, why some metals are more valuable and others less – we’ll find out all this and more in Week 5.

Week 6 – Air              7.09 – 11.09.2020

Why can planes and birds fly and not us? What’s am empty space and what can we do with it? Let’s get to the bottom of these and other questions by having fun jumping into the air, sending big and small balls into the air and floating together through the last week of the holidays.


Summerkids: Monday to Thursday from 8.00 - 17.00 | Friday from 8.00 - 15.00.


The cost per week is between €170 and €210, in accordance with the company agreement. Additionally, the CIC membership is an annual payment of €25 or €55.

Cancellation is possible until June 30, 2020. After that there is a cancellation fee of €30 per booking.


The CIC is adhering to the required COVID-19 measures and regulations.

If there are any illnesses or closures related to Covid-19 during the week of participation, we cannot refund the amount. If there is a cancellation before the start of the week, we will refund the Summerkids amount minus an administration fee of € 20 per child.