Summerkids 2020 - Dance of the elements


Wood was the topic of our first Summerkids-week. We produced paper, learned scientific facts about wood and built our own mini-rafts out of alluvial wood that we collected at the Gail. Our forest hike with the rangers of the Dobratsch Naturpark had to be cancelled due to rainy weather. Instead, we took a guided tour through the mine museum Terra Mystica in Bleiburg.


In the second week, everything revolved around water. Of course, we were also IN the water. But sometimes unintentionally, for example when we fell off the SUP board. We also looked at life within a drop of water and learned exciting things about microplastics. On the way to a waterfall, we met some curious goats.


Week number three was all about soil. We felt and explored it with all our senses, but mostly with our feet and hands. For example, during the breakdance workshop, playing in meadows and in the garden, searching for fossils at the Nassfeld, planting cress and observing large and small inhabitants of the soil.



Fire was our theme in week four. We indeed all got really warm, especially during the forest workout. The campfire in Altfinkenstein was very cosy and some of us couldn't get enough of the sausages, Steckerlbrot and marshmallows. At the end of the week, we also learned some chemical facts about fire.


In week five, we delved into the world of metals. At the Stollenwanderweg in Bad Bleiberg, we learned how zinc and lead were mined. During a visit to the company Metallbau Tiefenböck, our exciting journey continued.  Unfortunately, we could not go digging for gold as planned, because it rained so much. Instead, we saw in the Granatium how well gemstones and gold fit together. At the end of the week, we also built our own batteries and experimented with magnetism.



The air-week started fresh / rainy and ended with summer weather. Fortunately, there was enough wind to fly our self-built kites. On our trip to the Familywald, we went high up into the treetops. Then we went down with the forest roller coaster. We also had a good view from the Gamsblick and the Skywalk at the Dobratsch. Finally, we announced the end of Summerkids 2020 with smoke signals from our self-built air cannons. As you can see on the pictures, we had a great and exciting time!