Relaxation measures from July 2021

On 1st July, there will be another significant step towards normality. Here are the most important planned changes.

Gastronomy, meetings, leisure, businesses
The curfew will be abolished.
There will no longer be a mask requirement in gastronomy.
Contact restrictions and distance rules will no longer apply.
There will no longer be a limit on the number of people per square metre.


There will no longer be capacity limits at large events.
There will be no mask requirement at events.

The FFP2 mask obligation will only apply in the health and nursing care sector - elsewhere a mouth-nose protection (MNS) will be sufficient. The FFP2 mask obligation in the health care sector will remain in force for an unlimited period of time.
In public transport, commerce and museums, an MNS will be sufficient from 1st July.

"3-G rule"

The basis for the relaxation will remain the "3-G rule" ("tested, vaccinated, recovered"). Proof of health status will have to be shown when entering the following areas:

Leisure facilities
Cultural establishments (except museums, archives, libraries)
Sports facilities
Events (from 100 people).

For children up to the age of twelve there will be no obligation to provide proof.

June 10th 2021: Further easing of measures

The new rules are in force from June 10th.

A negative CoV status is a prerequisite for a visit to a bar, restaurant, theatre and the like. In all areas, access is only possible with a negative test, if the person has overcome Covid 19 or has been vaccinated: "3-G Rule: Tested, Recovered, Vaccinated".

The people limits at meetings have been increased. Now eight adults are allowed to meet inside and 16 outside plus children.

With regard to the minimum distance, the one-metre distance rule applies again instead of two metres.

In commercial and recreational establishments, only ten square metres must be provided per person instead of 20 square metres.

The curfew has been moved from 22.00 to 24.00.

The relaxations also include the phasing out of the mask requirement in outdoor areas for everyone.

Cultural events are allowed to be 75 instead of 50 per cent full and the current attendance cap remains in place (1,500 indoor, 3,000 outdoor).

For border travel, a travel form ("Pre-Travel Clearance") must now only be filled in for high incidence and virus variant areas.

Bus travel is possible under the "3-G rule" with full occupancy and without restrictions.

For children, the testing requirement has been raised from ten to twelve years.

Participants in choir and music rehearsals now only need to be tested, vaccinated or recovered.

How to do a Corona self-test

The free COVID-19 self-tests ("living room tests") can be obtained from pharmacies using an e-card.

Negative self-tests recorded in an official data registration system are valid for 24 hours. They are valid as official entrance tests for restaurants and other leisure facilities.

A guide and an instruction video are available in German here.

The self-test in Carinthia (only in German)

Free testing, no appointment necessary

There is now a test container in Villach's main square where you can be tested for CoV free of charge without pre-registration. The confirmation is valid for 48 hours. 
These are the opening hours of the container:
Monday - Friday: 9.00 - 17.30
Saturday: 9.00 - 12.30.


You can be tested for Covid-19 free of charge and without an appointment at two locations in the city centre of Klagenfurt - in the Neuer Platz and Alter Platz. 

The test times are:
Monday - Friday: 8.00 - 17.00 
Saturday: 8.00 - 13.00.

You must always take along your e-card, a photo ID and an FFP2 mask.

Austria to Open Up on May 19, 2021

“We’re nearing the light at the end of the tunnel,” Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) said, announcing Austria’s plan to come out of the lockdown. Restaurants, bars, hotels, spas, gyms, cultural institutions can reopen on May 19. Sports events will also be allowed.

The measures in place for these first opening steps will be:

- Entrance to restaurants, bars, hotels and events will only be possible with a negative test, a vaccination or with evidence of recovery from a recent infection.

- In all areas, wearing FFP2 masks and registration is mandatory (contact details must be provided). Curfew restrictions no longer apply.

- Four people (plus six children) are allowed at a table in indoor dining areas, and a maximum of ten people are allowed in outdoor dining areas.

Entrance tests and the “green pass”

The “green pass” will become an entry requirement. It will show whether somebody has tested negative, has been vaccinated or has recovered from a recent infection. Negative self-tests recorded in an official data registration system are valid for 24 hours. Antigen tests (in a testing center or chemist) are valid 48 hours. PCR tests are valid for 72 hours. For children school tests are acceptable. No tests are required in shops or museums.

Those who have received their first vaccination shot will be allowed to go to bars, theaters and the like three weeks (21 days) after their vaccination appointment without having to show a negative coronavirus test. Those who have recovered from the infection have six to nine months and the fully vaccinated have nine months. A vaccination pass, card or paper are acceptable.

Schools will resume on May 17. Children and young people will once more have five days' tuition in the classroom a week. Regular testing of students and staff will continue. 

Registration obligation. Restaurants, hotels, event premises, private sports facilities and other leisure centers must record the names, telephone numbers and email addresses of their clients. With myVisitPass, Kärnten (see below) you can enter your details and register each time electronically.

Restaurants can open indoors and outdoors. Registration by the client and evidence of CoV status is obligatory. The businesses can open from 5.00 to 22.00. Tests are not necessary for takeaways.

Events.  Events may be held outdoors with a maximum of 3,000 people and indoors with a maximum of 1,500 people. Rules regarding FFP2 masks, evidence of CoV status and registration apply. 

Leisure centers, gyms and sport facilities. The same rules apply. In cultural and event areas, two meters distance must be maintained when patrons are outside an assigned seating area. 20 square meters of space per person must be available indoors. While practicing sports, no mask is required.

Travelling to Austria
From May 19th 2021 the general quarantine obligation for entry into Austria from neighboring countries such as Germany and Italy no longer applies. The "3-G principle" applies: evidence of vaccination, recovery from a COVID infection or a negative test is required. A PCR test is valid for 72 hours, Antigen tests 48 hours. Children of ten and below are exempted from the test obligation. An online registration if also necessary. Current travel information in English from many countries is available here.

myVisitPass, Kärnten

Wherever you see "myVisitPassLogo" you can enter your registration details electronically. Complete your myVisitPass once and always register quickly and efficiently.

Fill in the data once and keep it as "MyVistPass" exclusively on your cell phone. You can also print it out.  When entering the business/restaurant, you scan the QR code of the establishment and thus carry out the registration. A printed pass can be scanned by the establishment. Your data will be transferred and stored anonymously in the establishment's registration database. After 28 days, your data will be deleted automatically.
Any transfer of your data will only take place in encrypted form by the establishment upon request by the authorized health authority.

To myVisitPass.

Free rapid antigen tests

Free rapid antigen tests are offered. On these pages you can find information about the locations and opening hours of the testing stations.

- Corona-tests in Carinthia

- Coronavirus information - city of Villach
- The chemists listed here are carrying out FREE COVID-19-Antigen tests on symptom-free people. You must make an appointment by phone beforehand.

Covid-19 vaccination

Pre-registration: Since the last week of January it has been possible to register for the voluntary Covid-19 vaccination in Carinthia on an online platform of Land Kärnten. The form is available in English, Slovenian and Italian as well as German. After registering you will be informed by email or text when and where you will be vaccinated.

Allocation of dates: The allocation of vaccination dates is based on a priority list of the National Vaccination Board. In addition to age (in English here), health and occupational factors are also taken into account. In Carinthia Land Kärnten will carry out vaccinations as explained in German here.

Assistance: People who need help with registration can also register for vaccination at their local municipality. Moreover, a Corona hotline 050 536 53003 is available for further questions.

Information: For more information about the vaccination platform and Covid-19 testing opportunities in Carinthia, visit the Coronainfo page of Land Kärnten (in German). General information in different languages is available on the pages of the Ministry of Social Affairs. Please also refer to the links below.

Useful Websites

Information in English about the latest measurements taken by the Austrian government can be found at
Coronavirus - The Local Austriametropole.at/coronavirus-in-austria and Latest Information on the Coronavirus Situation in Austria.

Coronavirus: Facts and security regulations in 16 languages:

Please stay updated with the latest news regarding this situation by reading, watching or listening:

orf.at/corona/stories/3158537/ (English, Türkçe und Bosanski-Hrvatski-Srpski)

ZIB 100 (German)
FM4 (some English radio programs)

Information and guidance (travel advice, how to protect yourself, situation reports, etc.) from the World Health Organisation:
who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019 (English)

Travel warnings and further information
 from the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs:
bmeia.gv.at/reise-aufenthalt/reisewarnungen (German/English)
Further Link for travel:
iatatravelcentre.com/international-travel-document-news (English)

Information sheet (Land Kärnten):
PDF Information sheet for people entering this country from areas at risk

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