Coronavirus in Austria. From April 16, 2022

No CoV restrictions in the gastro, masks fall at events.


From Saturday, April 16th new Corona rules apply in Austria:

There are no more restrictions in restaurants. In addition, the FFP2 mask obligation is largely dropped in the retail sector and at events. However, masks are still mandatory, for example, in the vital trade, in public transport, hospitals and nursing homes. Masks must still be worn in supermarkets, drugstores, banks, pharmacies, tobacconists, post offices, bicycle and car repair shops.

How long is the Green Pass valid?


- Recovered: 180 days from recovery
- Recovered and then vaccinated: 180 days from vaccination Vaccinated twice: 180 days from second vaccination
- Vaccinated twice and then recovered: 180 days from recovery
- Vaccinated three times: 365 days from third vaccination
- From three times vaccinated and then recovered: 365 days from third vaccination or 180 days from recovery.



The currently valid CoV measures

Since 24th March, the new regulation of the Ministry of Health has been in force until 16th April for the time being. This means that masks are again compulsory indoors for the most part, while the 3-G rule applies alternatively in night catering and at larger events. New quarantine regulations are also part of the ordinance. From 11th April, it will also be possible to take the free five PCR tests for the coronavirus in pharmacies.



in hospitals, old people's homes and nursing homes
in public places (indoors)
in public transport
in commerce and in services close to the body
in hotels
in sports facilities (except when practising sports)
at work, in cultural and leisure facilities
In catering establishments, the mask may be removed on the premises. Masks are not compulsory in private homes.




3G since Saturday, 19th February 2022

From 19th February:

- 2G-Rule becomes 3G-Rule almost everywhere

In restaurants, at services with close body contact, in fitness studios and at events - almost everywhere 3G certificate (vaccinated, recovered or tested) is sufficient.

- Closing time remains at 24:00
- Mandatory wearing of masks indoors remains.

From 5th March:

- All G-Rules cancelled (2G, 3G)

No more proof of tests, vaccinations or convalescent or convalescent status is no longer required. Exception: vulnerable places such as nursing homes and hospitals.

- Closing hours are abolished, night restaurants are allowed to open.
- Events possible without restrictions
- FFP2 mask obligation remains only in critical infrastructure (public transport, supermarkets, hospitals, banks, post offices, etc.)
- General 3G rule on entry to Austria.




2-G rule in shops no longer applies

Since 12 February 2022 there has no longer been a 2-G obligation in retail and for service providers with close body contact. An FFP2 mask must still be worn in shops; the same applies to museums, art galleries, libraries and the like. The 3-G rule (vaccinated, recovered or a current negative test result) applies to body-related service providers, and an FFP2 mask must also be worn. The lockdown for the unvaccinated has been over for a long time.

FFP2 mask obligation also outdoors
The mask requirement continues to apply outdoors where a minimum distance of two metres is not possible, such as in pedestrian zones, waiting areas and groups.

Closing time at 24.00
The curfew is now at 24.00 hrs and applies until 5.00 hrs.

Rules for schools and children
As of 14th February, in the semester break, the mask requirement for primary school pupils (up to and including fourth grade) at the seat will be lifted. Mouth-nose protection (MNS) must still be worn during breaks and in the school building, except during sports. Teachers and administrative staff must also continue to wear a mask. Teachers and children must test regularly.

For children between the ages of twelve and fifteen, the "Ninja Pass" from school is equivalent to a 2-G certificate.

The Green Pass

Austria is opening up with simple, secure and verifiable certificates and 3-G proofs. For comprehensive information from the government, please click here.

How to do a Corona self-test

The free COVID-19 self-tests ("living room tests") can be obtained from pharmacies using an e-card.

Negative self-tests recorded in an official data registration system are valid for 24 hours. They are valid as official entrance tests for restaurants and other leisure facilities.

A guide and an instruction video are available in German here.

The self-test in Carinthia (only in German)

myVisitPass, Kärnten

Wherever you see "myVisitPassLogo" you can enter your registration details electronically. Complete your myVisitPass once and always register quickly and efficiently.

Fill in the data once and keep it as "MyVistPass" exclusively on your cell phone. You can also print it out.  When entering the business/restaurant, you scan the QR code of the establishment and thus carry out the registration. A printed pass can be scanned by the establishment. Your data will be transferred and stored anonymously in the establishment's registration database. After 28 days, your data will be deleted automatically.
Any transfer of your data will only take place in encrypted form by the establishment upon request by the authorized health authority.

To myVisitPass.

Useful Websites

Information Bundesministerium:

Kärnten, Corona-Ampel

Information in English about the latest measurements taken by the Austrian government can be found at
Coronavirus - The Local Austriametropole.at/coronavirus-in-austria and Latest Information on the Coronavirus Situation in Austria.

Coronavirus: Facts and security regulations in 16 languages:

Please stay updated with the latest news regarding this situation by reading, watching or listening:

orf.at/corona/stories/3158537/ (English, Türkçe und Bosanski-Hrvatski-Srpski)

ZIB 100 (German)
FM4 (some English radio programs)

Information and guidance (travel advice, how to protect yourself, situation reports, etc.) from the World Health Organisation:
who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019 (English)

Travel warnings and further information
 from the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs:
bmeia.gv.at/reise-aufenthalt/reisewarnungen (German/English)
Further Link for travel:
iatatravelcentre.com/international-travel-document-news (English)

Information sheet (Land Kärnten):
PDF Information sheet for people entering this country from areas at risk

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