In Austria stricter corona rules apply from September 15th

In the fight against the coronavirus, stage one of the new phased plan comes into effect on Wednesday 15th September.

Here is the step-by-step plan according to the utilization of the intensive care units.

1st level: 10 percent occupancy (from 200 beds)

  • Antigen tests are only valid for 24 hours.
  • FFP2 mask is mandatory instead of regular mouth-protection, for example in public transport and supermarkets.
  • FFP2 mask in stores is compulsory for unvaccinated people, recommended for vaccinated people.
  • Stricter controls will take place.

2nd level: 15 percent occupancy (from 300 beds)

  • Access to night gastronomy and events with more than 500 people without assigned seats is only for vaccinated and recovered people (2G rule).
  • Self-tests are no longer valid as evidence.

3rd level: 20 percent occupancy (from 400 beds)

  • Wherever the 3G rule (vaccinated, tested, recovered) applies, only PCR tests are accepted as test evidence.
    Access only for vaccinated, recovered and PCR-tested persons.

Covid vaccinations from 6th August onwards

In Villach you can currently get the Covid vaccination without pre-registration (bring photo ID and eCard!):

Location: City Hall (Rathaus), Paracelsus Hall.

Time: Every Wednesday and Friday from 16-21 h (from 6 August to 17 September). The exact vaccination dates are available here.

Vaccinations are offered - depending on availability - with the vaccine from Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer and / or Moderna, which is also suitable for children from 12 years of age. Please bring your photo ID and e-card with you. Anyone who needs a second shot must be able to show a confirmation of the first vaccination.

The Green Pass

Austria is opening up with simple, secure and verifiable certificates and 3-G proofs. For comprehensive information from the government, please click here.

How to do a Corona self-test

The free COVID-19 self-tests ("living room tests") can be obtained from pharmacies using an e-card.

Negative self-tests recorded in an official data registration system are valid for 24 hours. They are valid as official entrance tests for restaurants and other leisure facilities.

A guide and an instruction video are available in German here.

The self-test in Carinthia (only in German)

Free testing, no appointment necessary

There is now a test container in Villach's main square where you can be tested for CoV free of charge without pre-registration. The confirmation is valid for 48 hours. 
These are the opening hours of the container:
Monday - Friday: 9.00 - 17.30
Saturday: 9.00 - 12.30.


You can be tested for Covid-19 free of charge and without an appointment at two locations in the city centre of Klagenfurt - in the Neuer Platz and Alter Platz. 

The test times are:
Monday - Friday: 8.00 - 17.00 
Saturday: 8.00 - 13.00.

You must always take along your e-card, a photo ID and an FFP2 mask.

myVisitPass, Kärnten

Wherever you see "myVisitPassLogo" you can enter your registration details electronically. Complete your myVisitPass once and always register quickly and efficiently.

Fill in the data once and keep it as "MyVistPass" exclusively on your cell phone. You can also print it out.  When entering the business/restaurant, you scan the QR code of the establishment and thus carry out the registration. A printed pass can be scanned by the establishment. Your data will be transferred and stored anonymously in the establishment's registration database. After 28 days, your data will be deleted automatically.
Any transfer of your data will only take place in encrypted form by the establishment upon request by the authorized health authority.

To myVisitPass.

Free rapid antigen tests

Free rapid antigen tests are offered. On these pages you can find information about the locations and opening hours of the testing stations.

- Corona-tests in Carinthia

- Coronavirus information - city of Villach
- The chemists listed here are carrying out FREE COVID-19-Antigen tests on symptom-free people. You must make an appointment by phone beforehand.

Useful Websites

Information Bundesministerium:

Kärnten, Corona-Ampel

Information in English about the latest measurements taken by the Austrian government can be found at
Coronavirus - The Local Austriametropole.at/coronavirus-in-austria and Latest Information on the Coronavirus Situation in Austria.

Coronavirus: Facts and security regulations in 16 languages:

Please stay updated with the latest news regarding this situation by reading, watching or listening:

orf.at/corona/stories/3158537/ (English, Türkçe und Bosanski-Hrvatski-Srpski)

ZIB 100 (German)
FM4 (some English radio programs)

Information and guidance (travel advice, how to protect yourself, situation reports, etc.) from the World Health Organisation:
who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019 (English)

Travel warnings and further information
 from the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs:
bmeia.gv.at/reise-aufenthalt/reisewarnungen (German/English)
Further Link for travel:
iatatravelcentre.com/international-travel-document-news (English)

Information sheet (Land Kärnten):
PDF Information sheet for people entering this country from areas at risk

The coronavirus simply explained (in German)

Here you get information about the coronavirus in simple German language.

A simple explanation of the Coronavirus for children

To watch the video, just click here!

A curious guide for courageous kids

The guide is available in lots of languages including English here.

A British article about guarding mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Website on treatment for addiction and mental health treatment in the times of COVID-19

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