Coronavirus - COVID-19

The government eases the measures:

After the Austrian government took drastic measures in March to contain the corona virus, it gradually opened shops, schools and restaurants again in May.

In June public life in Austria slowly returned to a kind of normality. Here are the latest rules for behavior and hygiene.

Mouth and nose protection only mandatory:

  • on public transport
  • in the health sector including pharmacies
  • for service providers who cannot maintain a minimum distance, e.g. Hairdressers


In trade, at school, as a guest in gastronomy and tourism, mouth-nose protection no longer has to be worn - but it is still recommended for larger crowds!

The following now applies in gastronomy:

  • 1.00 a.m. curfew
  • no maximum number of people at common tables


Also important:

  • keep distance
  • wash your hands
  • be careful

If the number of infected people begins to increase, the measures can be tightened again.

Travel warning and travel planning:

Useful Websites

Information in English about the latest measurements taken by the Austrian government can be found at
metropole.at/coronavirus-in-austria and

Coronavirus: Facts and security regulations in 16 languages:

Please stay updated with the latest news regarding this situation by reading, watching or listening:

orf.at/corona/stories/3158537/ (English, Türkçe und Bosanski-Hrvatski-Srpski)

ZIB 100 (German)
FM4 (some English radio programs)

Information and guidance (travel advice, how to protect yourself, situation reports, etc.) from the World Health Organisation:
who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019 (English)

Travel warnings and further information
 from the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs:
bmeia.gv.at/reise-aufenthalt/reisewarnungen (German/English)
Further Link for travel:
iatatravelcentre.com/international-travel-document-news (English)

Information sheet (Land Kärnten):
PDF Information sheet for people entering this country from areas at risk

A simple explanation of the Coronavirus for children

To watch the video, just click here!

A curious guide for courageous kids

The guide is available in lots of languages including English here.