Government plan to take Corona action (April 6th 2020)

On Monday April 6, the government announced that the current measures are extended until the end of April.

People are urgently requested not to celebrate Easter with relatives, extended family or friends. People should stay at home to keep the infection rate down.

Government's plan for the coming months:

In compliance with protective measures (such as wearing masks, disinfect and a limited number of customers in the stores) the following measures are taken:

- April 14: Small shops up to 400 square meters as well as DIY and garden centers may reopen.

- April 14: Public parks will open with controls at entrances to prevent overcrowding.

- A protection for face and mouth (masks or scarfs) will become mandatory on public transport.

- May 1st: All stores, shopping centers and hairdressers may open again.

- From mid-May at the earliest: all other service providers, restaurants and hotels will gradually be reopened. 

- Schools: Home schooling until mid-May. Childcare in schools is ensured. The Matura takes place this semester.

- Courses at universities remain digital for this semester.

- No events until the end of June.

Further measures will be evaluated at the end of April.

If infection number starts to rise again, measures can also be toughened once again.

Updates to COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

The Federal Government announced additional measures on March 30:

- Nose-Mouth-Mask requirement in supermarkets from Wednesday, April 1; if masks are available they must be worn in the store. From Monday, April 6 it is mandatory to wear a nose-mouth mask in all supermarkets with a sales area of more than 400 square meters. The masks will be distributed in front of the supermarkets. They do not protect the wearer from the virus, but they may protect others.

- Better protection of high-risk groups: People with previous illnesses who work must be released for home office by the employer.

- Stronger controls so that the measures are also complied with.

Current measures against COVID-19

The Austrian government has announced measures to slow the spread of the virus.
The measures against coronavirus will continue until April 30.

- Everyone in Austria (with the exception of essential services) needs to stay at home.

There are only the following reasons for leaving the house:
- professional work (if necessary)
- urgent errands (to buy food, medicine) and
- if you are responsible for looking after another individual
- you may still go for a walk but only alone or with people from the same household.

- The police and civil protection militia have been instructed to safeguard the measures.
People caught out of their homes, for reasons other than mentioned above, risk being fined up to euro 3,600.
- Police are authorized to stop cars and question driver and passengers about their reasons for travel.

- All sports centers are closed and are no longer accessible.

- Parks and playgrounds will remain open for the time being (the municipality decides whether open or closed). The basic principle applies: at least one meter distance!

- Restaurants and bars are closed since Tuesday, March 17.

In order to ensure these regulations, please observe the following regarding your children.
- Children should stay at home. You may still go for a walk but please stay away from other children and adults.
- No play dates or shared learning groups.

Useful Websites

Information in English about the latest measurements taken by the Austrian government can be found at
metropole.at/coronavirus-in-austria and

Please stay updated with the latest news regarding this situation by reading, watching or listening:

orf.at/corona/stories/3158537/ (English, Türkçe und Bosanski-Hrvatski-Srpski)

ZIB 100 (German)
FM4 (some English radio programs)

Information and guidance (travel advice, how to protect yourself, situation reports, etc.) from the World Health Organisation:
www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019 (English)

Information and travel warnings
from the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs:
sozialministerium.at/Informationen-zum-Coronavirus/Neuartiges-Coronavirus-(2019-nCov) (German/English)
bmeia.gv.at/reise-aufenthalt/reisewarnungen (Germen/English)

Information sheet (Land Kärnten):
PDF Information sheet for people entering this country from areas at risk

The Austria’s Integrationsfonds (ÖIF) translated information on COVID-19 into following languages: Arabic, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Chinese, Dari/Farsi, English, French, Paschtu, Polish, Russian, Somali, Turkish.

Do you think you might be infected with the CORONAVIRUS?
Please call the medical hotline 1450.

For all other questions about the coronavirus, call:

AGES hotline - 0800 555 621 or

Carinthian Corona hotline: 050 536 53 003.

A simple explanation of the Coronavirus for children

To watch the video, just click here!

A curious guide for courageous kids

The guide is available in lots of languages including English here.