Effects of Brexit for British citizens in Austria

Austria has enacted new rules for the residence of British citizens in Austria after the Brexit by a new law from 23.12.2020. According to it, all British citizens currently residing in Austria have to register again at the closest residence and settlement authority with the so called “Article 50”- residence permit – a special residence card in check format for British citizens in Austria. I.e. all UK citizens, who are already in possession of a EU registration certificate for Austria will have to undergo this new registration proceedings in order to continue their legal stay in the country. The deadline for filling the applications expires on 31.12.2021.

The appliction document (in German only) can be downloaded here.

For newcomers after 01.01.2021 and in the future, the rules for residence of third country nationals in Austria will apply.

Please find further information on the website of the Federal Chancellery of Austria.