Public Holidays

1st of January (New-Year/ Neujahr)

6th of January (The Three Kings/ Heilige Drei Könige)

Easter Monday/ Ostermontag

1st of May (National Holiday/ Staatsfeiertag)

Ascension Day/ Christi Himmelfahrt, a Thursday in May or June
Whitmonday/ Pfingstmontag

Feast of Corpus Cristi/ Fronleichnam, a Thursday in June

15th of August (Ascension Day/ Maria Himmelfahrt)

26th of October (National Holiday/ Nationalfeiertag)

1st of November (All Saints/ Allerheiligen)

8th of December (Feast of the Immaculate Conception/ Maria Empfängnis)

25th of December (Christmas/ Christfest)

26th of December (St. Stephen's Day/ Stephanitag)

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