Rot-Weiß-Rot Karte plus

Source: Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs: Text: CIC

a. Family members of highly qualified persons, professionals and key workers who have already received a RWR card.

They can (since 1st July 2011!) apply for an RWR Plus Card at the Austrian representative authority abroad or after visa-free entry to the appropriate residence authority in Austria (District Authority, Municipal Office in Vienna Municipal Department 35). This card entitles family members to unlimited labour market access so that from the start of their residency they may be gainfully employed in the economic and social fabric of Austria.

Family members means the following: spouses, registered partners and children up to the age of 18 (residence permit/family unit).

Further requirements for receiving an RWR Plus Card are the following.

· Before entry, the family members must have proof of knowledge of German to A1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. (Exception: family members of the highly skilled and holders of an EU Blue Card).

· The family income must be enough to live on.

Yearly quotas for the family reunification of foreigners who have already settled permanently are stated in the settlement ordinance of the federal government. No quotas exist for any immigrants after this new model.

Applicants for an EU Blue Card

To obtain a two-year EU Blue Card the following requirements apply:

1. Completion of a university education of a minimum 3-year duration;

2. a year’s salary which amounts to 1.5 times the average annual gross salary for full-time employment (around €58,434 annual gross salary, so around €4,174 gross per month plus bonuses);

3. No equally qualified domestic candidates or integrated foreign workers have been earmarked by the AMS, who could have been placed with the employer by the AMS (labour market test).


Holders of an EU Blue Card receive an RWR Plus Card with unlimited labour market access if they were appropriately employed for at least 21 months within the last 24 months of their qualification.

The family members of holders of an EU Blue Card receive a quota free RWR Plus card with unlimited labour market access.

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