Discover your own competences!

Competencies Analysis (German and English)

Speaker: Dipl.-Kffr. Melanie Reisinger

The knowledge about your own competencies and abilities can be important for your job search and the success in your working life. KODE® is a tool for the evaluation of your known and unknown competencies and abilities. It can be used to draw interesting conclusions for your future ability development.

The idea is to look at your abilities in two different situations on the basis of a questionnaire: first, in a normal and favourable situation, and second, in a situation of conflicts, stress and unsuccessfulness, so a difficult situation. The questionnaire is a self-evaluation. The participants of the workshop answer the questionnaire previously.

During the workshop the participants reflect their results and find out their abilities and their potential for development. Together we develop first steps. In the context of a one-on-one interview we discuss the individual results and work out different strategies for further development.

1. We will send you the questionnaire beforehand
2. Please answer the questionnaire and return it to the CIC
3. Workshop: Thursday, 6th June from 09:00 and 12:00 o’clock
4. Debriefing: individual talks, dates and times discussed during the Workshop.

Where: CIC Office, Hauptplatz 7, 9500 Villach

Places are limited! Please register as soon as possible!
Please confirm your participation per Email in good times: admin@cic-network.at