5 Ideas to Use Social Media in Your Job Search

Posting too much personal information on social media is not a good idea for jobseekers. But you can use these resources to help you to find a good job. According John Bennett, assistant professor of behavioral science at the McColl School of Business at Queens University of Charlotte, “between 60-80 % of jobs are found through personal relationships.” (source: Search Engine Journal). We propose five ideas how to put social media to work on your career.

Present your skills.

A good CV is not enough to find a perfect job today. Considering the fact that 52 % employers use social media to research job candidates (source: 2015 CareerBuilder survey), find a creative way to show your professional competence online. It’s a good idea to post samples of work, screen shots, photos from events and of course your accomplishments. You can keep a blog or, much better, a video-blog.

Find relevant content.

Don’t trash your content with cats, flowers and useless information. Employers prefer to see that you are sharing content on social platforms like Facebook that may be relevant to the respective industry. It can be news, research reports, business-related infographics. You can also to create album with work-related photos.

Use professional networks.

You certainly have an account in Facebook or Twitter, but for looking for a job it’s better to use professional platforms as well. The world’s largest online professional networking site is LinkedIn with over 380 million members in over 200 countries. But it’s not only one platform for hunting a job, there are some good alternatives. Sign up for Xing (it’s a serious European competitor to LinkedIn), BranchOut, AngelList, Zerply, Plaxo, VisualCV, Makerbase, Jobcase, Beyond.com and others to build professional connection and showcase your portfolio.

Join professional groups.

Highlight your professional network membership. It’s perfect to belong to professional and appropriate groups on Facebook and other social media resources. In LinkedIn it’s important to have recommendations from other professionals.

Become friends with companies

To show interest in a particular company, it’s easy way to follow or “like” it. Do it with companies you have applied at. You can comment some posts to demonstrate your interest and competence or share popular posts of those companies. For employers, it means you know a company, its products or services and promote it in social networks.

Text: Vita Vitrenko, Foto: Freerangestock.com