Enrico's Start-up Success with ‘Klaxon Klick’!

Just 4 years ago an Italian Enrico Boaretto (50) moved from Trieste to Villach. During this time, he and his business partner Andrea Stella invented and patented an innovative add-on electric wheel for wheelchairs named ‘Klaxon Klick’ which helps persons with disabilities to overcome small barriers and move freely. People from UK, Italy, Germany, France, Poland etc., who have already tried the wheel, write ‘Klaxon’ the thanksgiving mails. “There is no limit for us,” Enrico says proudly.


We are sitting at the CIC-office and talking: with his invention, Enrico can reach any location without somebody’s help. He thinks he is lucky because he has everything he dreams.

In 1993, Enrico Boaretto graduated Economics in Italy and got a Master Degree in International Management. He found his first job experience at the ‘Innovation & Research Centre’ in Trieste in financial planning. After 8 years he started his own consulting company. In 2011, when the crisis came to Italy, his family decided to move. “It wasn’t an easy decision. My daughter was young (now she is 17), and I wanted to give her an opportunity to learn a new language, to open her mind. We love Austria; Villach is a beautiful town situated close to the borders. That’s why we decided to try a new living experience here”, Enrico explains.


Enrico and his friend and business partner Andrea Stella thought a lot how to give people with disabilities more freedom. This desire led them to their invention, which became a great solution for the persons in wheelchairs. They called their electric wheel ‘Klick’ because it is very easy to connect/disconnect it to the wheelchair. This device transforms a wheelchair in one click into a powered hand bike, which overcomes low barriers (little stairs, grass, stones) and allows to move outside freely, as demonstrated on this video, ‘Francesca goes on a date with Rene’.



In October 2015, Enrico Boaretto and Andrea Stella founded a company ‘Klaxon’, which focused on the development this product. Testing and certification of the new device took time and money, and it was very important, that Austria supported the co-founders. Step by step, ‘Klaxon’ gained the new markets in different counties and grew. Today, Enrico’s and Andrea’s company has two employees, two collaborators in Austria, and six collaborators in Italy. It sells the ‘Klaxon Klick’ wheels in 13 countries in Europa: Italy, Austria, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Switzerland, France, the Nederlands, UK and Ireland, Poland. The costs can be covered by medical insurance, according to the different factors and depends on the state. Besides ‘Klick Electric’, a company proposes the other products: ‘Klick Hybrid’ and ‘Klick Manual’. At Rehacare 2017 (International Trade Fair for Rehabilitation and Care) in Dusseldorf, ‘Klaxon’ presented a new ‘Klick Monster’.


For people with disabilities, ‘Klaxon Klick’ means a new level of freedom. “This is a way of living we aspire to. This way makes possible an outdoor trip with your friends and loved ones, a shopping or day-to-day activities without anybody’s help. This way makes us autonomous and independent.”

Enrico and Andrea have great plans: they are going to grow worldwide, to gain the markets in the USA, East Europa, Australia and New Zealand (the negotiations are going on now), and to create the dozens of workplaces for people with disabilities. “Klaxon means for us not only a busyness but a way to connect people with disabilities and to improve their lives,” Enrico explains.

See more (info, experience): http://en.klaxon-klick.com

Text: Vita Vitrenko