Job Service Program: how to go back to work

These are the facts: more than two-thirds (about 70%) of our international members come to live here with their partners. 95% of them hold on academic degree. And 75% of them are not even registered with the AMS - the Austrian Employment Service. This means that we have tremendous resources and know-how in Carinthia that are not being utilized. What does the CIC Job Service do about it? It helps educated people to return to a working life and has created a new and successful service.


How does the Job Service work?

Since 2015 when the Job Service Program was started we’ve achieved wonderful results. 50% of people registered on the Job Service have already been placed in a job (part-time or full-time), EPU or Master Studies. 42% are still looking for a job. And every day they have a better chance of finding a good job because every day the Job Service Program offers them more new services.

Notification of jobs and details, adapting one’s CV, job application training, contacts with large employers in Carinthia, HR consulting and specialized workshops support people who are new to job searching. My own example shows it can happen. Five years ago I moved to Austria with my family because my husband got a new job at Infineon. Before moving to Villach, I had worked for twelve years as a journalist and Deputy Chief Editor at a women's magazine in Kiev and had led an active social life. How could I deal with my confusion and loneliness? What chance would I have of getting a job with my Master's Degree in linguistics and no German?


My own experience

My career road in Carinthia wasn’t easy. It meant a lot of German courses to C1 level, two professional courses, internship in a hotel as a receptionist, ongoing job-interviews and the support of the CIC with various workshops. “How to write a CV and an application letter in Austria” (each country has its own ways of doing this), “Vignette Workshop” and “Competencies Analysis” played a very important role in this process. Dr. Laura Oltean, CIC Job Service Manager, spent more than six hours consulting me. After individual training on “Job Interviews” in German and English, I finally got a part-time job as a team assistant at an international company.

My example is just one of eighty successful stories. Linguist Karin Martin from Italy works now independently and consults international families on multilingualism. You can find her story here. After several intensive German courses and a long process, Chiara Fucilli from Italy found a job as a doctor at Villach Hospital (her story is here). With the help of CIC we’ve done it.

“We always try to find an individual approach to everybody, to analyze his or her situation and suggest anything that could be of use,” Laura Oltean explains.

2018 started with a further development of the Job Service: CIC Service GmbH was founded. The new company offers international people who move to Carinthia with their partners more opportunities to integrate into working life in Austria. Register with the Job Service and start on your own path to success. Phone. +43 6502608195 or send an email to office@cic-network.at. With the CIC’s support you can definitely do it.

Text und Foto: Vita Vitrenko