Pop up Stores

The Kärntner Wirtschaftsförderungs Fonds and the city of Villach support pop up stores with a special program. Here we present the boutique Siegne as an example. CIC volunteer Jill Vincent conducted an interview with its founder Friedrun Natmessnig.

Siegne - Pop up store in Villach

This new little gem offers a clever option for the search for timeless, original, elegant, comfortable and affordable fashion. Pop in to the fresh and elegant “pop up” boutique Siegne, recently opened on Oberer Kirchenplatz 4. The sewing machine behind the counter hints at this young designer’s energy and ethos. The founder, Friedrun Natmessnig, took a few minutes to explain the path to her dream of founding a fashion label. She started Siegne (a Scandinavian word for “the victorious”) in 2015 in her home village of Arriach. Evolving through a few design concepts and then looking for the right fabric, like most designers, Friedrun discovered a more satisfying and original approach; let the fabric inspire the design. After falling in love with the drape, the look, the versatility of cotton jersey, Ms. Natmessnig went to the highly reputed, and one of a very few remaining fabric producers in Carinthia, Seidra, to make it (fun fact: the British royal family is also a Seidra account). Then, with her own label “Siegne,” off and running, Friedrun thought it would be a good idea to build inventory with other local designers.  When you visit the shop you will enjoy reading their mini biographies thoughtfully printed, framed and hung above each rack. Highly motivated by her satisfying concept and process, Friedrun, then submitted a pop-up shop application from the city of Villach and “won” the coveted spot in the city center and opened for business in June. As I do, you may enjoy browsing and being impressed by this creative rebellion against fast fashion, rightly named, “The victorious”.

Address: Oberer Kirchenplatz 4, Villach.

Opening hours:
TUES - FRI  11.00 - 18.00 hrs.
SAT  10 .00 - 13.00 hrs.

Please find further information here.

Facebook @ siegne/at

Instagram @ siegnefashion

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Information Kärntner Wirtschaftsförderungs Fonds: kwf.at

Information Stadt Villach: villach.at

Interview: Jill Vincent