The long road for Carinthia’s master of badminton

For Vincent Chi Zhang from Beijing Austria is his second motherland. He has been living in Carinthia with his wife and four children for 12 years. The three last years he won a title of Carinthia’s master of badminton for men’s double in the senior group!


Until the age of thirty, Vincent’s life was like a journey: he moved from China to Japan, from Japan to Germany, where he did his Master degree at the University of Ulm, from Germany to Austria. His girlfriend from Beijing accompanied him this way: they are together for more than 22 years. Only here, in Villach, Vincent decided to make a stop. Picturesque nature, friendly people and an interesting job at the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences and then Infineon make him happy. As well as badminton.

He played badminton many years ago in Beijing just for fun. In 2009 in Carinthia, he remembered his hobby occasionally. His 6-years-old son attended judo classes, and the badminton training took place in the same building. Vincent didn’t want to waste time waiting for his son and began to train. A half year later Vincent’s son started to train with his father. They joined ASKÖ Landskron Badminton Club, where his son was the only child, and a little bit later SV ASKÖ-Villach. “Some people said me that my son was talented. But I am not,” Vincent smiled.


That was a joke. In 2015 Vincent got a title of Carinthia’s master of badminton for the first time. In 2016 and 2017 he repeated his success. He trains intensively, 4-5 hours a week, to improve his skills. Besides, he started to train children in ASKÖ Kelag Kärnten Badminton Club twice a week as a volunteer. “I like badminton. It’s an intelligent and healthy game. I want my pupils to have fun with my lessons. As for me, I’d like to improve my single and to play with my son, who joins the national Austrian team,” Vincent told.


Vincent plays not only badminton but also goes regularly swimming. Three of his four children (two sons and two daughters) attend a musical school, go in for badminton, golf and swimming as well. “I am a member of seven different clubs; it allows me to integrate into the Austrian society deeper and deeper. But I don’t forget our national culture. Our children attend a weekend Chinese school, we fly to China every year. In my family, I try to build a bridge between Austria and China, to connect both cultures together,” Vincent explained. He is quite successful with that.



1 - The 60th Carinthian Master Badminton Tournament in 2017 (all winners).

2 - Winning ceremony of men's double in the senior class in 2017, Vincent Chi Zhang is left.

3 - The 59th Carinthian Master Badminton Tournament in 2016.

Text: Vita Vitrenko