Top 10 Most In-Demand Jobs in Austria

According to the latest AMS* report, in December 2016 there are 471,169 unemployed persons in Austria. "Despite the fact that the number of unemployed persons is still too high, the old year was better than it was prognosticated. Compared to 2015, more than 42,000 job vacancies are available for job-seekers in our database”, Johannes Kopf, a Director of the Austrian employment service (AMS), said. *AMS is a government institution dedicated to help unemployed people to find jobs.

Which jobs are currently in high demand? In order to answer this question, we have determined the relation between supply and demand for common professions. During our analysis, we have researched several sources (AMS, WKO, "Heute", "Kleine Zeitung") and compiled the following list.


1.     Hotel and gastro staff

Cooks, waiters, hotel staff are considered to be the most demanded jobs in the country, where tourism is one of the most important industries. In particular, in Carinthia: a cook is the most popular job here.

Construction engineer

Every year brings new innovations to the field “Building”. Thanks to ever more efficient construction, modern buildings consume 80 percent less power than 30 years ago. The real estate industry quickly develops and ensures high demand for civil engineers. Construction workers, metalworkers, plumbers, locksmiths and other related professions are also in demand.

Electrical engineer

Another profession with top prospects is an electrical engineer. According to statistics, an applicant with this job usually does not have to write more than three applications to get a job offer.


4.    Mechanical engineer/technician

The mechanical engineer is regarded as an intermediary between a skilled worker and an engineer, who combines craftsmanship with technical knowledge. A safe job, lack of competition and good chances of high salary.


Skilled physicians are never enough, in spite of the fact this profession is one of the highest paid in Austria. Good experts are in demand everywhere in hospitals and rural medical practices.


6.     Sale manager/Seller

Despite the rapid development of online shopping, the retail sector remains one of the most important industries. Knowledge of customer psychology, customer communication, the ability to identify customer needs are in great demand. Therefore, the employers are still looking for classic sellers and sale managers.


7.      Caregiver

At least today the nursing staff in Austria is overwhelmed by more and more elderly people. In the future, the situation will be more tense. People are living longer, so skilled caregivers always have great chances to find a good job.


8.     Social Media Manager

Approximately every second Austrian regularly uses the social networks. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are today very important advertising platforms for many companies. Who wants to advertise successfully and communicate in social networks, that needs a professional social media manager.


9.    Mechatronics

Almost every new technical product is created today by the interaction of mechanics, electronics and computer science.


10. IT professionals

Software developers, network administrators and IT managers are incredibly in demand today all over the world. Nothing goes without IT. Career opportunities in this field grow from year to year.